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A Taste of Iceland

A Taste of Iceland

Iceland isn’t necessarily known for being a food destination. Because it’s an island, and there’s not much arable land, they have to ship a lot of food in. That’s reflected in the prices. It’s not super cheap to eat dinner out, that’s for sure. Here’s […]

Iceland – Between the Continents

Iceland – Between the Continents

Iceland is one of the most geologically interesting places on earth. Because of it’s location on the mid-Atlantic range, the geothermal activity is rampant. This is why there are so many volcanoes, lava fields and hot springs throughout the country. One place you can see […]

Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

Visiting the Blue Lagoon was the thing I was most excited about on our trip to Iceland.

This is easily one of Iceland’s most popular tourist destinations – and I think it deserves the hype. The Blue Lagoon is about 45 minutes outside of Reykjavik. There are tons of bus trips available from Reykjavik if you don’t have a car. If you do have a car, there is free parking on site.

There are a few packages to choose from – The Comfort, The Premium, and The Luxury. We chose The Comfort package, which included a day at the blue lagoon, a mud mask, a towel, and a drink. There are different prices for entry at different times of day. Later in the day, you can get entry for ISK 6,990.

We booked early and we chose an early entrance so we paid ISK 10,690.We decided to book a 10 am entry, and also went on a Monday. You can stay at the Lagoon all day if you want to.

You have to be there within the hour of your booked time, or they may not let you enter. Note that you’ll probably have to wait in line for a bit too once you arrive. They give you an electronic wristband, which helps track any purchases you make throughout the day. They scan your bracelet on your way out, and you just pay for your purchases then.

The water stays at about 102 degrees F, which is soooo nice in the chilly Iceland autumn. We had a really good weather day too. It was cloudy, but no rain. Cool, but not cold. The water was very comfortable.

We were also a little worried that it was going to be super packed because of how hot of a spot it is (pun absolutely intended). Sure, there was lots of people there, but it never felt overcrowded. There’s a little spot at the back that is usually pretty empty.

Included in our ticket was a Silica mud face mask. I love a good mask so this was really fun to get to do. There were quite a few options at the bar. They has soft drinks, smoothies, juices, wine, beer, and cider. I had a cider and Ethan had a beer. We also each got a second drink. The cider and beer were ISK 1,000 each, which we didn’t think was that bad considering where we were. We’ve definitely paid more for a beer at a baseball game.

This was easily my favourite day we had in Iceland. I loved the Blue Lagoon and thought it was totally worth the money. We had planned our trip to be a little more ~doing things~ focus, so it was great to have one really relaxing day. We stayed for about 4 hours, and I enjoyed every second of it. If I ever ended up in Iceland again, I would be sure to make another stop at the Blue Lagoon.


  • Book early! – You can save a little bit of money on your tickets if you book early. Also taking an early or later entrance can help you save.
  • Bring flip-flops – We went in October and the ground was already very cold! You won’t need them for long, but they are nice to have.
  • Yes, you have to shower nude – This is just a rule in Iceland. You just have to do it. But don’t worry, there are shower stalls so you don’t have to communal shower.
  • Condition!! – They are not lying about all of the minerals in the water messing up your hair. Slather your hair in conditioner before getting into the Lagoon, and do it again when you’re leaving. I also brought a hair mask to use that night.
  • Don’t wear jewelry Again, the minerals will mess them up.
  • Eat a good breakfast – If you have an early check in time, make sure to eat a solid breakfast. There is a restaurant on site, but it’s pricey, and do you really want to get out to eat?
  • For more about the Blue Lagoon, click here.

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Iceland – Driving the Golden Circle

Iceland – Driving the Golden Circle

One of the ‘can’t miss’ things to do in Iceland is the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle consists of a few prominent sites, including Þingvellir National Park, the Gulfoss Waterfall, and Haukadalur Geothermal area. There are a few other stops you can make. One we […]

Iceland – Chasing the Northern Lights

Iceland – Chasing the Northern Lights

One of the reasons we chose to visit Iceland during the time of year we did was to see the Northern Lights. A couple weeks before we left, I saw this article from The Lonely Planet about a new Northern Lights viewing centre just outside […]

Iceland – South Shore Drive

Iceland – South Shore Drive

We meant to get en route on our drive down Iceland’s highway 1 down to Vik early. But not all best laid plans come into fruition.

The night before, we fell asleep at like, 9pm due to a combination of not sleeping on our red-eye over and jet lag. This meant we both were awake for a few hours in the middle of the night. And we slept through the 8am alarm we set.

We woke up at 10am, a little panicked. Because the sun starts setting earlier, we wanted to make sure we had enough time to do want we wanted to do. We set our GPS for Skógafoss and hit the road with a couple of granola bars and tubs of skyr.

We still had about half an hour before we were supposed to be arriving Skógafoss, but we saw a waterfall on the side of a cliff in the distance. Ethan was convinced that this was it, and I said there was no way. That’s definitely a waterfall, but not the one I had seen, and the GPS told us there was still 30 minutes to go.

This, we figured out, was Seljalandsfoss.

It turns out that this is what Ethan thought Skógafoss, so he did intend to stop here. I guess we were both right?

Some of the pathways were closed because it’s so icy. We went up the stairs to the left of the waterfall. The stairs were coated in at least 3 inches of pure ice. After a purchase of a postcard in the little gift shop,

we made our way to the real Skógafoss.

Skógafoss was our favourite waterfall we saw during our trip. You can also go up the stairs beside the waterfall (make sure you are prepared for some CARDIO.) I believe if you continue on the path up there, you can find another hidden waterfall. We didn’t really have time to search for it, so we continued on our way.

We stopped for some light cliff viewing

on our continued adventure to Vik and the black sand beaches. We also spared a moment to pet an Icelandic horse.

Before finally arriving at Reynisfjara

AKA Iceland’s black sand beaches. I don’t know why I was surprised at how busy it was there, but I was. It was pretty packed with tourists. We were still able to marvel at the wonders of Reynisfjara.

We started the final leg of our journey to Vik

The defining site of Vik, the church, was our first stop. It was a gorgeous view of the city and the cliffs we were at earlier. We stopped at The Soup Company for a very late lunch before making our way home.

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Iceland – Visiting Reykjavik

Iceland – Visiting Reykjavik

What inspired us to take a trip to the Northern-most capital in the world on the verge of winter? Not sure. I wanted to take an island vacation, and this is where we ended up. In reality it was always a dream to visit Iceland. […]

2020 Resolutions

2020 Resolutions

I like to make resolutions and goals for myself. And I like putting them out there on the internet so people can share their experiences, give tips, and it keeps my accountable. It also helps me look back on my previous goals and see how […]

My Favourite Photos of 2019

My Favourite Photos of 2019

Looking back on the year, I feel like I’ve had a pretty good 2019. I’ve felt better this year, mentally. Not as better physically, but we’re working on that, now aren’t we. I’ve had the great fortune to travel a bit this year, and have had a couple cool experiences. Here are a few of my favourite photos I took in 2019.

I love this photo of my in-law’s dog, Jake. It shows off his unique eye colour and gorgeous spots.

We finished our kitchen mini reno early this year, and we are so happy with how it turned out. The sink is what I’ve been dreaming of for years. Ethan’s idea to paint the upper and lower cabinets different colours turned out really cool, and gives a unique touch to a pretty classic reno. Check out the blog post about The Kitchen here.

These were both taken during my trip to Cabo, Mexico in February. The Arch of Cabo is the city’s most iconic site. You can’t really see it from land, but we had gone on a boat trip. The second is very obviously a sunset photo. I know most people say that you can never truly capture the beauty of a sunset, so just enjoy it, but I can’t help but to take a few photos of them.

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I love this shot of our summer dinner at Oast House Brewers in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Brushfire Smoke serves up their BBQ classics with a twist there all year long. The bright colours really made the photo work for me.

I had the pleasure of babysitting a friend’s kitten, Stella this summer. I have hundreds of photos of her now because she is so cute. This one was my favourite.

So obviously I didn’t take the first one, as I am in it. But I knew I wanted a cute photo of us in a friend’s cherry orchard. We often forget to take photos together, so I love having this one.

The second, was the cherries once they are ripe. There is nothing quite like fresh Niagara cherries.

We got engaged this year!!

Right after we got engaged, we went on a boat tour on Lake Erie during one of our local festivals, and this is a photo of the sunset over the lake through one of the portholes on the boat.

I turned 28 on September 28th AKA my champagne birthday, so here I am popping a bottle. If you look closely, you can see the cork flying!

This is a photo of the Niagara River flowing though the gorge from the Whirpool Aero Car. The fall colours were just starting to pop up.

This Butternut Squash pasta dish was on the cover of an issue of Food Network Magazine. I’ve been experimenting with styling in my food photos and flatlays, and I really liked the way this one turned out. The dish was pretty tasty too!

Early in the year, Ethan won two passes for the Niagara Helicopter Tour. This is something we would have never done on our own – it’s preeeeetty expensive. We were both very excited to go in a helicopter for the first time.

We visited Iceland in October, and there was no shortage of beautiful sights. Skogafoss was my favourite of the waterfalls we visited. It was a sunny day, so we even got to see a rainbow.

It’s always been a dream to see the Northern Lights. We couldn’t have had a more perfect night for viewing them when we went to the Aurora Base Camp just outside of Reykjavik. One of the guides there, Erik, helped me adjust my camera to the correct settings to be able to take a photo of the Lights in action.

Taking a trip to the Blue Lagoon was my favourite part of visiting Iceland. We had a wonderful day floating around the hot springs.

The Black Sand beaches on the southern coast of Iceland are breathtaking.

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We got an adorable kitten in November and his name is Jasper!! It’s been a lot of fun having a playful kitten running around the house. Even if it means that on occasion we have to pull a roll of paper towel from his death grip.

I love taking pictures of makeup. I enjoy looking at all of the bright colours and beautiful packaging. This is my favourite makeup photo I took this year, featuring the Tarte tarteist PRO palette.

I loved our Christmas tree this year. I also love the way our wrapped paper went together with our tree skirt.

I hope everyone else had a nice 2019, and I think we are all looking forward to what 2020 brings.

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What I’ve been watching this week – November 26

What I’ve been watching this week – November 26

Richard Osman’s House of Games We discovered Richard Osman’s House of Games this week through my YouTube recommendations, and we are OBSESSED. It’s a daily show with 4 celebrities that battle it out over 5 rounds of quiz questions. The questions have a different spin […]