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Sephora Haul – February 2020

Sephora Haul – February 2020

I’ve had a pretty crazy 2020 so far. Because I’m very good at justifying things to myself, I thought my hard work so far this year deserved a treat in the form of a trip (online) to Sephora. Bite Beauty Changemaker Foundation in L40 I […]

Sephora Fall 2019 VIB Sale Recommendations & What’s In My Cart

Sephora Fall 2019 VIB Sale Recommendations & What’s In My Cart

Well folks, another VIB sale at Sephora has arrived. It comes at the perfect time to start some Christmas shopping. Most of the gift sets are out already as well, so you can get a lot of value with those. With an extra little discount, […]

Sephora Haul – August 2019

Sephora Haul – August 2019

I had refrained from making any Sephora purchases for a good portion of the year. But with my recent engagement (and subsequent need to get my skincare act together, and a Sephora sale I thought it was as good a time as any to put in an order. A few items were purchased before the sale, and a few were purchased during.

Here’s what I got:

BITE Beauty Outburst Longwear Lip Stain in Strawberry Frozé

I’ve had my eye on this lipstick since it was released. I love BITE Beauty products – I even made my own lipsticks with them last year! I would have probably bought the Orange Fizz shade if it wasn’t sold out, but I do love this hot pink. The formula is very nice. It’s creamy but very long-lasting. The first time I wore it I got a bunch of compliments on the colour. If they weren’t $30 a pop (I know, I know – that’s ridiculous) I would buy the whole collection.

Sephora Collection Glow Peel Pads

I was looking for a chemical exfoliant that wouldn’t be too tough on my skin, and this seemed like the perfect thing. After one use, I liked the results and my skin didn’t freak out so I’m happy to keep using them.

Sephora Collection Bright Skin Exfoliating Scrub

While I was at it, I also got a physical exfoliator!! I just wanted something that would be a nice little scrub to use a couple times a week. I like it so far, but I’m not obsessed with it or anything.

Sephora Collection All Day Hydrator

I think I’m obsessed with the Sephora Collection skincare collection? It’s pretty reasonably priced for Sephora, you know? Anyway, I really like this moisturizer. It’s pretty light-feeling. But it maaaay be breaking me out, I’m not sure yet.

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub

I have been blessed with breakouts on my back from the tender age of 13. Over the last few years, since I’ve been a real-life adult, it hasn’t been as bad as it was when I was a teen. But it’s still not totally gone, so I figured I would try this scrub to see if it would help. This is a HARDCORE scrub though, wow.

Sephora Spring 2019 VIB Sale Recommendations

Sephora Spring 2019 VIB Sale Recommendations

Sephora, our higher end beauty mecca, is infamous for having very few sales. Sorry if you fell in love with a $30 mascara but can’t justify paying that every time the suggested 3 month usage period is up. Luckily, Sephora does have a sale in […]

Sephora Haul – January 2019

Sephora Haul – January 2019

It’s January. My skin has been shit. I needed some new things to hopefully make my skin less shit, so I paid a visit to our saviour, Sephora with a gift card in hand. Well, the online version of Sephora. It’s January so I try […]

Boxycharm – June 2020

Boxycharm – June 2020

I thought I was deserving of a treat (I always find a way to justify it), and ordered the June Boxycharm on a hope and a prayer. I ordered the box on June 3, it shipped June 16, and I received it July 6. Since it was coming from the States, I expected shipping to take a while. It’s no big deal, just wanted to note the shipping time.

The price for this subscription box is $25 USD plus $5 shipping to Canada. With exchange it usually works out to be around $40 CAD.

I’m not really sure what compelled me to get this box in particular. I wasn’t blown away by any of the products, but I definitely felt like I’d like to get pretty much anything that was being shown.

Here’s what I got:

Touch in Sol Fill Up Orange Eyeshadow Palette

$32.00 USD

This was the palette I was hoping to receive from all of the variations that I saw, and honestly I was a little underwhelmed by it. The colours weren’t as bold and bright as I thought they’d be. They were all a little muted and are all pretty similar tones. The shadows also didn’t have great staying power.

TULA Skincare Glow & Get It Brightening Under Eye Balm

$28.00 USD

I was excited to get this. I love something that cools! My under eyes can be a little sensitive so I was a little nervous that the cooling sensation would cause a reaction, but I’ve been in the clear so far. This is the type of product that I would never buy for myself, but I’m excited to get in subscription boxes.

Dr. Brandt Skincare Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask

$52.00 USD

I love sleeping masks. I’m trying to get away from using single-use masks, so I was really excited to get this. Sleeping masks are just so simple. You don’t have to worry about how long it’s on. I’ve used this a few times now, and I really like it. Like hell I’d ever pay full price for it though.

Beauty Vaulte Circadian Lip Liner Trio

$18.00 USD

When I first opened the box, this was the item I was least excited about – but that changed. I’ve never heard of this brand, so i kind of figured these lip liners were just a box stuffer to bring the value up. I’m also not a big user of lip liners.

But I love these! They are the smoothest, creamiest lip liners I’ve used and I love the shades.

Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream SPF 30 in Tan

$35.00 USD

I’ve been more into lighter foundations lately. I like that this just gives a nice tint of colour to even out my a skin tone a bit without being too heavy or full coverage. The one they sent me is definitely a bit darker than my skin tone, but because it’s so sheer, I can make it work.

Usually I prefer a makeup heavy box, but because I haven’t been going out a whole lot lately, I was really happy to get a bunch of skincare items.

I was also given a code for $12 off in the pop up shop Boxycharm has each month. So I got two products that came to $12. So I ended up only having to pay for shipping.

Zoeva Opulence Blush Palette

$19.00 USD

I love a blush palette. I find them very versatile, because often they come with a bronzer or highlighter, and I like to use them for eyeshadow as well. The blush needs a pretty light hand, and I’m not totally sure how to use the middle colour yet, but I like this palette!

Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip + Cheek in Halo

$20.00 CAD

There is little I enjoy more than a multi-use product. They’re great for travelling, throwing in your bag to go, or for a low key look. This product is pretty sheer on both the lips and cheeks, but I don’t mind that at all. It’s a nice boost of colour.

The value of the box was $165 USD, and with the add-ons, it was $199. This is a pretty incredible value. I do think I will be using all of the products I received, so this was a pretty successful box for me!

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Sign up for Boxycharm here.

Boxycharm January 2020

Boxycharm January 2020

After seeing the spoilers, I thought I would sign up for Boxycharm for the month of January. I thought I’d be pretty satisfied with any of the variations I was seeing online. Plus, they had a pretty good sign up deal with a few free […]

Everything I’ve tried from BITE Beauty

Everything I’ve tried from BITE Beauty

I am a lipstick fiend. Sorry, I can’t help it. I love all of the bright colours. I love the way lipstick makes you feel. Because of this, I have accumulated many, many lip products. One of my favourite brands is BITE Beauty. BITE Beauty […]

October & November Empties

October & November Empties

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Astringent

I’ve been using some variation of this product for over a decade. I will sometimes buy the store brand, it really depends what’s on sale. I got this one at Winner’s. I think it actually the UK version of the product. I use this every night and morning. Would I buy it again? Yes, probably until the end of time.

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Coconut Hair Mask

I loved this hair mask. I used it once or twice a year, and this tub lasted me a long time. It was great for those days where my hair was knotty and dry. Would I buy it again? Yes!

GlamGlow Waterburst Hydrating Moisturizer

I got this sample with my last Sephora order. I haven’t liked much I’ve tried from GlamGlow, so I wasn’t expecting much from this moisturizer. It’s really nice! I love it. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all, and the scent is almost chocolate-orangey which I loooove. I even considered purchasing the full-sized version of this – until I saw it was 68$. I’m trying to be better at investing in skincare, but I have a limit. Would I buy it again? If it went on sale.

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream

This was another Sephora sample. I didn’t find anything particularly interesting about this cream. Would I buy it again? No.

Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap in Coconut Colada and Coconut Pumpkin Latte

Welcome to another edition of hand soaps we finished! I liked both of them. Sign me up for anything coconut and pineapple, so the Coconut Colada was great. I also liked the Coconut Pumpkin Latte, but it was a pretty sweet scent. Ethan hated it though. Would I buy it again? Yes to the first one, probably not to the second one.

August & September Empties

August & September Empties

I finished up a lot of products in the last two months, which is great. For the rest of the year, and hopefully into 2020 I will focus on finishing up products I already have instead of using 3 or 4 different face washes or […]