A Taste of Ireland – the Capital

The pomme de terre affair continued into Dublin, of course. For dinner our first night in the capital city, we meandered the streets until we were too hangry to try and choose a place, so we walked into a restaurant close to our immediate location. That is how we ended up at Bruxelles.

Here I had the Shepherd’s Pie. Fun fact about me – I really love Shepherd’s pie. This one was fantastic. I was very pleased to see this meal came with double potatoes. It also came with a nice garden salad to lighten up all of those carbs.

After dinner we walked back to Grafton Street and paid a visit to Boomerang Donuts for dessert. They had a bunch of interesting flavours. I went with Ferraro Rocher and Ethan went with Dulce de Leche.

For lunch the next day, we stopped at a place we had walked by a number of times in our short stay. Il Fornaio Caffe caught our eye because of the array of pastries in the window, but for some reason we didn’t have one of those. I did have a really delicious Italian meat sandwich though.

When wandering the previous day, I had seen a menu that had Halloumi fries. And I was craving Halloumi fries so we went on a search for it. Did I remember the name of the place? NOPE. I just knew it was blue. We somehow managed to find The South William, the place with the majestic Halloumi fries. In a cruel twist of fate, they were OUT OF HALLOUMI FRIES!!!!!! All of that excellent navigating for NOTHING.

We ended up ordering the pulled pork sandwich, which was pretty darn good, and the caprese flatbread, which was kind of disappointing. But maybe that’s because neither of us love tomatoes, so that’s our bad.

We had been passing an outdoor food court every day on our bus rides and walks since it was a block away from our Air BnB. We stopped at Eatyard for lunch on our last full day in the city. There were a number of stands and trucks to choose from, it was a great little spot to stop and have lunch or a drink. We got a buffalo chicken burger and a hamburger from the Box Burger stand and pound of wings from Just Wing It. The chicken burger was just okay, but the hamburger was great, and the wings were unbelievable. They were one of the best bites I had on the trip.

If I lived in Dublin, I feel like I’d be at Eatyard all the time.

For our last dinner, we decided to visit another place we had passed by a bunch of times during our time in Dublin, Damascus Gate. We ordered a bunch of things, because we were dying to try it all. We ordered Syrian Cheese, which was goat’s cheese covered in thyme and seeds and served alongside olive oil for dipping. We also ordered Falafel, Fried Halloumi (yes I was able to satisfy my craving), and Beirut Mezza.

This was probably our best meal on our entire trip. Every bite was mesmerizing. If you’re in Dublin, you need to stop here.

For dessert (yes, somehow I was still able to eat dessert), we paid another visit to Gino’s Gelato, where I got a delicious belgian waffle.

In all honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ireland’s food scene. I ended up falling in love with every bite.

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