These are always my favourite posts – the ones where I tell you what I ate while travelling. It gives me the chance to reminisce on those excellent meals – so without further ado, what I ate in LA!

Stan’s Donuts

Located in Westwood, Stan’s Donuts is popular among the UCLA crowd and the donut-loving crowd. I obviously fall into the latter. My friend and I shared a Peanut Butter and Banana donut. It was fresh and amazing, and not overly rich. It was deep-fried perfection.

Petty Cash

I needed some Mexican food while I was in LA. My friend Mollie recommended Petty Cash, one of her favourite restaurants. She had the Pig’s Ear nachos – which were excellent and not overly pig’s earry. I had the shrimp ceviche and an al pastor taco. Both were mucho delicious.

Angels’ Stadium

It was recommended that I try the helmet nachos at the Angels’ game. Not usually one for stadium nachos, I took a huge leap. They were great, they had guacamole, chicken, beef, and all the fixin’s!


What trip to LA is complete without a visit to In-N-Out. Their menu is very simple (but you can spice it up if you want!), but the burgers are great. The fries have a short shelf life, aka they are not great after 20 minutes, so skip on those unless you’re eating in.

Singapore’s Banana Leaf

Tucked in the Farmers’ Market area of The Grove, the Laksa soup at Singapore’s Banana Leaf caught my eye. There are soooOOoOo many options at the farmers’ market, it was so hard to choose! The soup was a perfect mix of spicy and creamy from the coconut milk.

Main Squeeze Food Truck

I discovered a grouping of Food Trucks outside of LACMA, and thought I would check it out. I had already eaten lunch and didn’t want to spoil dinner, but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to hit up one of the food trucks. I visited Main Squeeze for a lemonade. I got a strawberry-habanero lemonade. It was refreshing with a kick, but I needed it to stay cold to fully enjoy it. Not an easy task in LA.

And that’s the end of my LA food tour! It’s time for me to get lunch because writing this has made me hungryyyy.

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