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I’m a lipstick fiend. There is nothing I am better at than convincing myself that I don’t already have that colour of lipstick. One of my favourite brands, BITE Beauty, has a place in Toronto where you can make custom lipsticks.

For my birthday a couple months ago, we visited the BITE Beauty Lip Lab.

There are a couple options to make your lipstick – 1 custom colour, 2 custom colours, or 2 bespoke lipsticks. I chose to make 2 custom colours. With the bespoke service you are choosing the exact mix of pigments, creating a brand new shade. This comes at a price, and it was quite a bit more than creating 2 custom shades.

With the custom shades, you talk to your artist about the colours you are going for, and what finish you want. I knew I wanted one satin and one matte. The colours I wanted were an orangey-coral, and some sort of wearable purple. The artist, Kat, suggested that the purple be matte and the coral be the satin.

We started looking at pigment colours, and we went through a few before we nailed down what I was looking for.

When the mixing was done, a scent was added. I chose cherry for the coral, and vanilla for the purple. I kiiiind of wish I chose the violet scent for the purple, you know to stick with the theme.

Then the mixes were microwaved to melt them, and poured into the mould before freezing.

Then they are tubed.

And then you have your lipsticks!!! Check out the final products.

I haven’t named them yet, any suggestions?

Some may think that $80 for two lipsticks is absurd, and I am with you for the most part. BITE lipsticks usually retail for $30 each, so to pay $10 more for it to be customised isn’t THAT absurd. This isn’t something I’m going to be doing every week, and I’m so glad I did it!

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