Boxycharm – May 2019

Out of all of the subscription boxes I’ve tried, Boxycharm is by far my favourite. I tried it off and on for the last while. I usually resubscribe when the spoilers look like what I’m interested in. Boxycharm is on the more expensive end – it’s $21 USD a month, plus $5 shipping to Canada. But you always get at least 5 full-sized products. If it looks like a month where I’m pretty interested in every product, I will order the box, if not, I won’t. It’s pretty easy to cancel, which isn’t always the case with subscription boxes.

Anyway, onto the box.

I’m not going to lie, when I first opened the box, I was a little disappointed at the variation I received. One of the variations had a Dose of Colors lipstick and a nice eyeliner. But once I started using the products, I was pretty happy with it.

GlamGlow GentleBubble Cleanser

$28.00 USD, $35.00 CAD

This is a nice, basic cleanser and it’s always nice to have one of those around. I don’t think it’s a particularly groundbreaking cleanser or anything. I prefer the First Aid Beauty Cleanser, which is cheaper anyway.

Alamar Cosmetics Colorete Blush Trio in Medium

$22.00 USD

The Alamar blush palette is the main reason I ordered the box. When I first saw these blush palettes at their launch, I fell in love. I had a feeling they would eventually be in a box, like the palette and brushes before it. I vowed that if it did end up in Boxycharm, I would get that box.

There are three versions of the blush palette – light, medium, and dark. I was really hoping for the medium palette and I was happy to receive that one. The palette is everything I was hoping it would be. The colours are gorgeous and the pay-off is really nice. I’m very happy to have this palette in my collection.

Ciate London Eye Lustre Creme Shadow in Cupid

$22.00 USD

This is a cool product. This liquid eyeshadow can be sheered out, or packed on for full opacity. The colour is gorgeous, and I am excited to use it more.

Steve Laurant Lip Gloss in Posh

$22.00 USD

I’m always a little meh on lip glosses, and wasn’t totally thrilled to get this. But once I tried it I changed my mind. It’s a completely opaque lip gloss. The scent is vanilla cupcake, which is exactly what I want from a gloss. I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of this

Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind Cashmere Lip Pencil

$21.00 USD

Lip liners are useful to have, I just never really buy them. This is a nice lip pencil. It’s not quite as smooth as I might want, which is often the case with a wooden pencil. It’s also a nice colour that will go well with a lot of the lipsticks I own. But it’s pretty hard to believe that this pencil is worth $22. I can’t imagine paying more than $5 for it.

Overall, I like the box quite a lot. The value of the box is $115 USD. It’s a little lower than usual for Boxycharm, but it’s quite a good value for what you pay. That is, if you think you will get use out of most of the products in the box, and I feel like I will get use out of everything in this box.

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