Eulogizing Hannah B as the Bachelorette

The latest season of The Bachelorette has come to an end. Overall, I’ve got to say I really enjoyed the season. There were some bumps along the way – the heavy-handed focus on Hannah’s relationship with villain Luke P., and her choosing Jed in the end. There were many highlights, including but not limited to: Tyler C’s face, Mike’s face, beautiful destinations, leather hotpants, and of course the great windmill admission of 2019.

I really didn’t think I would like Hannah as the lead. She didn’t really stand out for me on her original season, and her outing on After the Final Rose was less than impressive. I didn’t think she’d be the articulate, thoughtful Bachelorette she ended up being.

I’m glad I was wrong on this. She ended up being one of my favourite leads of all-time. She was honest and genuine with the guys and the audience. It never felt like she was trying to be someone she wasn’t. She does, however, have questionable taste in men perhaps.

The look on everyone’s face when Hannah chose Jed over Tyler and Peter

Luke was obviously a sticking point throughout the season. It seems like no one was rooting for this guy. All of the other guys hated him, but Hannah didn’t see it until their fantasy suite date that turned out to be no fantasy. Hannah’s telling off of Luke became an iconic moment of the franchise. It was a woman standing up for herself and the choices she made, and not letting anyone make her feel bad for it.

Oh great, he brought a guitar

Choosing Jed over other finalists Tyler and Peter felt very questionable. The latter were two solid guys. The former, never really made sense to me as a partner for Hannah. He even admitted that his initial reason to come on the show was for his career. I believe that editing of the show took a different turn after the revelation that Jed had a girlfriend going into the season and the subsequent IRL breakup of the couple. The editing didn’t portray him in a particularly positive light which definitely coloured my view of him.

So, no the engagement wasn’t satisfying. Especially since Chris Harrison basically told us it was going to happen before the show started rolling. What was satisfying is seeing Hannah stand up for herself and telling Jed she won’t accept a relationship that was built on lies. Good for her! I thought Hannah was too young to be the Bachelorette. What it lead to is that we saw her grow as a person right in front of our eyes.

For all of my thoughts on the finale and the season, check out the latest episode of The Bachelorette RHAP-up.

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