Eulogizing The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart

Did I think I was going to watch Listen to Your Heart every single week? I mean, I probably was. Pandemic or not, I do love content.

Did I think I was going to love Listen to Your Heart? Definitely not.

Yes, I loved the show. I was excited to watch it every single week. I thought it was a fun way to fill the void. It took a couple episodes for the show to get into the swing of things, and I think there are a few changes they could make to improve the show. But for a first go at things, I thought it was good and it felt in line with The Bachelor franchise.

The first two episodes, where everyone met and some more people were brought it felt very Bachelor in Paradise and not super musicy. These were probably the two worst episodes of the season. It felt pointless to bring in new people because new connections weren’t really made. I felt like they should have just started off with an equal number of people, and just have pairs a la Bachelor Pad.

I wanted to see everyone sing and perform. We lost out not seeing everyone perform. There could have been some sort of show at the end of every episode, and couples could have been voted out based on that. I’m fine with losing two couples a week just to get the numbers down.

I loved the mid-point where people had to go on dates with someone else. This was a great move, and this could be used effectively in Bachelor in Paradise too. There needs to be more opportunity for switch ups in the parings along the way – another reason why the cast should stay bigger for longer.

The cast was genuinely talented for the most part, and I really looked forward to the performances each week.

It sucked that people had to be in a strong relationship to stay, as the relationships could have been built along the way. In the finale we saw Matt and Rudi leave (my favourite couple!!!!) because they didn’t feel like they were far enough along to be at the end. Which is dumb!! It was like a producer was in Matt’s ear telling him he should tell Rudi he loves her to set them up for a win. And Matt was not in love with Rudi and felt like he had to leave or fake it. It seemed like they were both at a similar level of really liking each other, which is fine by me!!

They seemed to shoot themselves in the foot by losing this couple so close to the end by pressuring people to be in love. I’m not sure how long filming lasted, but it couldn’t have been THAT long. It’s sensible for a guy who has clearly never seen a minute of this franchise to not get how to play the game. I’m positive Nataschia and Ryan would have gotten married if it meant they could stay, even if they just liked each other as friends.

In the end, Chris and Bri were crowned as champions of Listen to Your Heart, despite the episode trying to tell us they had a few issues. They are still happily together, which is great.

I’d be glad to watch another season of Listen to Your Heart, and I liked quite a few people enough to see them on a future season of Bachelor in Paradise.

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