I watched all of Love is Blind

I don’t usually hop on tv watching trends, but I couldn’t say no to Love is Blind. It encapsulates many of my television interests including a complicated game, relationships, and pure insanity.

If you somehow missed the hoopla about Love is Blind, here is the premise: a bunch of Atlanta singles live at a sound stage for a week while dating a bunch of people that everyone else is dating. Except, they can’t see them. That’s right. The couples are separated in pods and while they can have wonderful, deep conversations they cannot see their partner. Six couples (that we see) agree to get engaged AGAIN WITHOUT SEEING THEIR FIANCE. They then meet, go on a vacation to Mexico, and move in together all while anticipating their wedding only 4 weeks away.

Yes, it’s wild and insane and crazy. It’s a concept that leave people wondering ‘how the F would that even happen? These people are nuts!’ Which is absolutely true. I am a veteran of reality dating shows, and I feel like this concept isn’t even the wildest. For my money, Married at First Sight still holds that title.

In the end, spoiler alert, two of these couples actually do get legally married. On the reunion, it’s revealed that those two couples are still together. The show was filmed in 2018 so the couples have been together for over a year now.

I really enjoyed the show. It was an interesting concept, and I appreciate the way that Netflix dropped the episodes. I love being able to see how these couples can make their relationship work, or how and why it falls apart. I am always very interested in the social relationships on reality television, which is often why I gravitate towards dating shows. It was compelling to see how 6 very different couples navigate their new reality.

The one thing that I didn’t particularly love was that the breakup more or less had to take place at the alter. Sure, they didn’t HAVE to stay, but I don’t believe they weren’t encouraged to stay and decide at the wedding. It seems like a step to far to get everyone’s friends and families there and then have all of that go down.

I do believe that this is a process that can work. It’s hard to believe it from the outside, but in watching these shows over the years, when you’re doing nothing but thinking about your connection and romantic relationship it’s possible for a real relationship to form on the fast track.

If you haven’t seen Love is Blind yet, first of all, sorry for spoiling it. Secondly, definitely watch this. It’s a great thing to talk about with all of your friends, I promise.

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