Iceland – Visiting Reykjavik

What inspired us to take a trip to the Northern-most capital in the world on the verge of winter? Not sure. I wanted to take an island vacation, and this is where we ended up.

In reality it was always a dream to visit Iceland. We had a great time, but both Ethan and I agreed that we were happy we went but we’re not dying to go back.

Anyway, here’s what we got up to in Reykjavik.

On the day of our arrival, we got to our AirBNB and immediately crash for a nap. We both loved the AirBNB we stayed at. It was pretty roomy, not too far from downtown or any of the major highways. We also rented a car, and the apartment had free parking. After our nap, we headed downtown.

Our first stop was the famous Hallgrímskirkja. If you’ve seen photos of Reykjavik, you’ve probably seen this church. It’s probably the most famous landmark in the city.

We also paid the 1000 ISK (about $10 CAD) to go up the elevator to see the view from the top of Hallgrímskirkja. We were happy we did that. It might not be worth it for everyone, but it was for us.

Over the 6 days we spent in Iceland, we visited Reykjavik a handful of times. We mostly wandered around the downtown core and along the water front.

We also couldn’t miss the shopping along the main street, Laugavegur.

Downtown Reykjavik was easy to get to from our apartment. We never took the bus in, but we didn’t have much trouble finding parking. After the first day when we parked in the P1 section (which has the most expensive parking), we learned to park a little farther for cheaper parking. We parked at Hallgrímskirkja one evening, because the parking is free, and it’s easier to find a spot later in the day.

We had a good time exploring the city, and we loved how easily walkable it is. You can probably carve out a day in your trip to see everything you want to see in the city.

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