Indeed Labs Skincare Review

I received these products complimentary for review from Indeed Labs and Topbox Circle.

I’ve been trying to get more into skincare. I currently have combination skin, with some dry patches and I still deal with breakouts. I was really excited about the products I received from Indeed Labs.

Here is what I got:

Exfoliator II

‘Exfoliator II is a highly concentrated facial powder exfoliator packed with a unique combination of enzymatic exfoliating actives that work together to gently, yet effectively remove dead skin cells, deeply clean and unclog pores, and improve skin texture as it cleans. Harnessing the power of pineapple enzymes, rice bran extract and hyaluronic acid, exfoliator II delivers superior skin resurfacing benefits while instantly brightening and restoring skin’s natural radiance.’

I was really excited to try a powder exfoliator. I think this one was a nice introduction. It wasn’t harsh at all, and it did leave my skin feeling smoother. I’m looking forward to continuing to use this.

noAcid Pads

‘A non-acid based exfoliator that exfoliates, retexturizes and revitalizes the skin. Powered by active probiotics and natural extracts from yarrow and Japanese cedar buds, noAcid pads gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and strengthen the skin’s barrier function for a more radiant and even complexion.’

I have used exfoliating pads like this before, and I think this is my preferred method of exfoliating. It makes me feel more like it’s doing something? I really liked these pads and would consider replacing them when they run out.

Clearify Facial Oil

‘By harnessing the power of natural extracts from the Ginger family and the Japanese Lotus Flower, clearify facial oil gets straight to the root of the problem and controls oil. While these powerful actives effectively balance oil levels, salicylic acid works to exfoliate dead skin cells to dissolve skin debris – keeping pores clear and clean! These pore purifying and clarifying ingredients are combined with Argan Oil, a lightweight and non-comedogenic oil, to leave skin deeply moisturised, nourished and smooth, but never greasy – exactly what inflamed, acne-prone skin needs!’

This is my favourite of the products I was sent. I thought the Clearify Facial Oil was a really nice product. It helped fight breakouts and I’ve definitely noticed less spots since using it. I was worried that the salicylic acid would add to my dry spots, as I’ve had issues with that in the past and it did not. I thought it was very moisturizing as well.

Nanoblur Colour Corrector in Peach

‘Formulated with a peach colour-neutralizing pigment that works to instantly cancel out darkness, reduce the appearance of under-eye dark circles and brighten skin’s complexion while locking in moisture and giving your skin an even texture and a smooth, velvety finish. This lightweight formula is easy to blend and sheer enough to be worn alone.’

I didn’t find this product to have much of and impact in either direction. It was fine. It felt nice on my face. I just didn’t really feel like it did much for lessening my dark circles.

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