Influenster BITE Beauty VoxBox – The Liquified Lip

Influenster and BITE Beauty were once again, kind enough to send me the latest BITE VoxBox complimentary for review. This time it was for their new Liquified Lipsticks.

They sent Flambe, a gorgeous orange red, Demi-Glace, a purpleish-beigey-kind of thing, and Eclair, a classic pink.

These lipsticks are completely different than anything BITE has launched before. They also aren’t like your typical liquid lipstick. They don’t dry down completely matte, they have more of a demi-glaze finish. They look more like a suuuper pigmented lipgloss, and they definitely aren’t transfer proof.

I think these lipsticks are what super-drying-hater-lipstick-lovers are looking for. They are comfortable AF to wear, but you don’t lose the colour impact. Here’s my thing – it’s just not my jam. Don’t get me wrong, I like these, I will continue to wear these, I will recommend these if this is what someone is looking for, I just probably wouldn’t actively seek these out myself.

Flambe is my favourite colour out of the three, and will definitely wear it again and again. I was disappointed by Eclair, it’s just kind of boring.

If you want to join Influenster and sometimes get sent lipstick in the mail, then join using my link!

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