Influenster BITE Box – The Lip Pencil

Once again, Influenster was kind enough to include me in their latest campaign with BITE Beauty, introducing their new lip liner pencils.


I was super excited to be sent one of these voxboxes complimentary for review, I love BITE, lip colours, and being included in things.

I wouldn’t call myself a lip liner aficionado, I very rarely use it. If I’m worried about my lipstick moving or whatever you use lip liner for, I use NYX’s wonder pencil – I find it more versatile than your typical lip liner because you can use it with any colour, not just one that matches.

The idea behind the lip pencil is that they are inspired by natural lip colours, and will pair with many of the amuse bouche lipsticks. They’re meant to be creamy, thanks to being infused with shea butter, for a smooth, easy glide on the lips with no tugging.


Influenster sent 2 lip liners, in 020 and 044, 2 amuse bouche lipsticks, in Honeycomb and Whiskey, and a Sephora Eco Sharpener (it’s almost as if they knew the only sharpener I own I bought at the dollar store in grade 9).

The colours sent were perfect, I love being able to try out a really light nude and a bold, dark colour because some companies are able to nail one and not the other. I think BITE has proved time and time again with all of their products that they can nail pretty much any colour they set their mind to.


The lip liners are fine, I don’t think I’m the best judge of these because I don’t really reach for lip liners, but they are nice and smooth and can be used as a base for the lipsticks or as just a liner. I think these colours will also work well with some of the other lipsticks I have in my collection.

Unsurprisingly, the amuse bouche lipsticks are wonderful and flawless and smooth and creamy and pigmented and perfect. You should own at least one of these lipsticks.

If you’d like to see my post on the last BITE box, you can find it here. If you’d like to join Influenster for yourself, maybe use my link? Thanks love you.

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