Ipsy – September 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve received an Ipsy bag – so long in fact, Ipsy sent me an email offering me a free bag. I’m not one to say no to free things. If you think that I am getting this up too late, since we are a third of our way through October and I am just now posting about September, well that’s not my fault. It didn’t get here until last week. I got the email on September 22. My tin foil hat theory is that they had a bunch of bags leftover and they were trying to unload them. ANYWAY, let’s get on to the stuff.

First of all, I love this bag. It is very cute. I will definitely be using this. And now what’s in the bag.

In my September Ipsy, I received:

HAYADI Weightless Smoothing Cream – full size $17.50 USD, Ipsy size $4.40 USD – I haven’t tried this yet. I don’t have crazy frizzy hair, that I need to use a smoothing cream every day, but I do like having one on hand for flyaways. This is going to be great to travel with and I am happy to get this.

Luna by Luna Cosmetics Translucent Powder – full size $18.00 USD – So, mine came broken. Not totally smashed, but it was no longer fixed to the packaging. Some powder had gotten on the bag. It has a pretty heavy scent, and I didn’t find it made my make up last any longer. I found it actually wore away faster than my usual powder. I would also worry about flashback with a product this white, but I haven’t tested that out yet. I also can’t figure out if this is the full size or not, if it is, there’s no way it’s worth $18.00 in my mind.

Trestique Mini Lip Glaze in English Rose – full size $11.75 USD – I’m always happy to get a lip product in a subscription service. You can never have too many is what I always say, but definitely not what everyone else in my life says. This is a nice berry-red tone that is fairly sheer for a red. I like this product a lot, and it’s good for my low-key-but-I’m-still-obviously-wearing-make-up days.

Lord & Berry Line/Shade Eye Pencil in Flash Purple – full size $19.00 USD, Ipsy size $2.37 USD – I don’t really wear eyeliner like this very often. But purple is my favourite colour and I’m always looking for ways to incorporate it into my looks. I am fine with a mini size because I will never go through a full purple eyeliner.

Luxie Beauty Wonder Woman Detail Tapered Brush – full size $20.00 USD – I really love Luxi brushes and was very excited to see I would be receiving one in the bag. It met my expectations and I am happy to have it.

My bag total was $56.52 USD (although I am dubious about the price of that powder)

So, will I be getting Ipsy again? Probably not for a while. I was happy to try it out again. To get the bag, it works out to be around $20 Canadian. I would rather pay the extra $15 to get Boxycharm and get 5 full-sized products. Another thing I appreciate about Boxycharm is that, although there is some variation in boxes, it does have some overlap. There was 55 products that were in September Ipsy bags. That makes it hard to recreate looks, or do tutorials, or whatever. If you live in the States, and just want to try things out for not a whole lot of money, Ipsy is great. They also do take your make up preferences into consideration, which is awesome. I found that my specific bag did cater to the type of things I like.

Price breakdown and full product list here.

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