Ireland – All I Wanted and Moher

For as long as I knew it was a place, I’ve wanted to visit Ireland. One of the reasons for that is the iconic views at the Cliffs of Moher. For me they represented quintessential Ireland. The lush greenery, the sweeping views of the ocean, the weather that changes on a dime – the Cliffs have it all.

We decided to do a bus tour that left from Galway. We figured it would be better to do this than to rent a car and try and get tickets. We had a great tour driver, and we made a couple stops along the way including a visit to a castle, a church, and a centuries old grave site.

Our tour guide said that we would be stopping for lunch before the Cliffs. He said that the food at the restaurant at the Cliffs was expensive and didn’t have the best food. We stopped at Gus O’Connor’s pub in Doolin.

Lunch was great and we loved being able to spend a little time visiting the shops in Doolin. Including a shop that I almost blended in with.

We made it to the Cliffs where we were able to spend a couple of hours. We first made our way over to O’Brien’s Tower. We paid the 2 euros to go up to the top.

We meandered the rest of the walk alongside the Cliffs. Our tour guide suggested not crossing over the barrier. His reasoning was that the Atlantic winds were unpredictable and your never know when a big gust will knock you down.

I, an ardent rule follower, anxious being, and clumsy bitch, listened to this advice.

I’m so glad I was able to visit the Cliffs of Moher on this trip. It was worth the trip to Galway en route to the Cliffs. I recommend taking a bus tour, it really took the stress out of everything, and our tour guide was so great and informative.

Let me know if you like these photos, I could always post Moher. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I crack myself up.

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