Ireland – Dublin’ Down

We did a lot more wandering on our second day in Dublin.

We visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral, but didn’t go in for a tour. We did sit in the park beside it for some casual dog watching.

We didn’t do much bar-hopping this day. We had done a lot of that throughout this trip.

We went for a self-guided tour of Dublin castle after stumbling upon it.

We may not have done any bar-hopping this day, but we couldn’t resist sharing a mini bottle of prosecco on the patio at the castle on a gorgeous spring day. We shockingly got very little rain during our time in Ireland.

We couldn’t leave Europe without a visit to my new favourite store, Primark (or Penney’s, as it’s known in Ireland).

I would love to visit Ireland again someday. There are so many cities we would liked to have visited, but we just didn’t have the time. Going to Ireland has always been a dream of mine and I’m so glad to have crossed it off the list.

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