January/February Empties

I didn’t have to many empties pile up over the last few months. heck, one of these wasn’t even empty, it was just v v v expired.

Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap in Winter Candy Apple and Twisted Peppermint – The foaming hand washes are an absolute staple in our household. Over the holiday season we had these two because we wanted to carry our festiveness into the bathroom, as one does. I really like the scent on both of these. They’re not too strong, and I think Twisted Peppermint will become a winter staple. Would I buy it again? Yes, and I already have a cupboard full of them.

Finesse Superior Hold Firm Hairspray – I use so little hairspray on a regular basis that this bottle has lasted me at least two years. I prefer a non-aerosol hairspray and the price point on this is unbeatable. It does exactly what I need it to do. Would I buy it again? Yep! I got a back up for Christmas.

Real Techniques Dual-Ended Sponge – I picked up this sponge at Ulta after my trusty Beauty Blender came down with a mold issue. I had heard good things about Real Techniques sponges and they are muuuuch cheaper than the OG Beauty Blender, so I decided to go for one of those. I thought that dual-endedness of it was cool. It was much firmer than I was used to, and I thought it would get softer with time. I used it for much longer than recommend because that’s just the type of person I am. When I received a new off-brand beauty sponge that I’m sure my boyfriend paid no more than $5 for for Christmas, I made the change and only then did I realize how much I hated this RT one. The new one is much softer and applies my make up better. If you’re looking for a Real Techniques sponge, get one of the classic ones, not this one. Would I buy it again? Never.

Sarah’s Soaps Bamboo and Orange Blossom Facial Toning Mist – Sarah’s Soaps is a local, handmade brand (I would recommend a lot of her products!) I bought this at a craft show a while ago (hence the expiration date passing, the ingredients are all-natural after all!) It’s a hydrating, priming, and toning all-in-one product and I quite liked it. I fell out of the habit of using it after I had some skin issues caused by another product. It’s the perfect primer for the summer because it’s so light and hydrating. Would I buy it again? Yes! I should go get a bottle.

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