January Reads

Keep Me Posted by Liza Beazley – One Christmas, adult sisters, Cassie and Sid, decide to become pen pals while Sid is living abroad. Cassie is feeling unsatisfied with her life. She’s finding her husband frustrating and her kids all-consuming. She’s looking for a bit of an escape. Cassie is able to live vicariously through her sister’s letters and her own Facebook page. A twist has her husband upset with her, and has her on a plane to Singapore to explain herself to Sid.

I liked this book, but I didn’t love it. I felt like the twist should have come a little sooner. There was a loooot of build up to it, and then after the twist it all got wrapped up a little fast and was kind of hard to follow at certain points. Some parts of it weren’t super clear. There was a very loose connection in this book to ‘perfect lives on social media, but struggling IRL’ but it felt shoe-horned in. I feel like there’s better books in this genre, so I don’t really think I would recommend it unless you were strictly looking for some sister-sister novels to read.

The Boy is Back by Meg Cabot – This is the 4th book in the VERY LOOSE “Boy” series from Meg Cabot. I read the first one in the series, “The Boy Next Door” a couple months ago.

In this book, Reed Stewart, a pro-golfer returns to his hometown after a decade away to take care of some family problems. He runs into his high school sweetheart after he had abandoned her all of those years ago. Becky, owner of a successful family moving business helps her old flame, Reed, convince his parents to make some life changes.

Like the previous book, this one is written in texts, emails, journal entries and Amazon reviews. I enjoy this style. Meg does a great job at conveying the story through those platforms, and it’s a great way to hear from all of the characters.

Although the plot was completely predictable, I quite enjoyed this book. These books are really easy reads and that’s what I need every once in a while.

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