Joe Fresh Beauty

What I really want from a grocery store is:

  1. Excellent selection of food
  2. The ability to at least look at make up to break up the searching for food

Thanks to Joe Fresh Beauty, this is possible. This line is also available at select Canadian drug stores, which is where I got this haul, but you can absolutely buy this line from some grocery stores.

I had tried one product from this line before, this pressed powder, which I liked. But when I went into a Shoppers on a whim because I was too early for a meeting, I was very excited to see that the entire line was 75% off. And your girl loves a sale.

I asked an associate if it was discontinued, she said no, they were just trying to make more room for Christmas displays. The selection was pretty picked over, but I found some goods.

Sheer Lipstick in Blush and Mango – I have a lot of high impact lipsticks, but not many sheer ones, and for $2.50 each, I was willing to try these out. The formula is nice. It’s definitely not long-lasting, but I don’t think that’s what you really expect from a sheer lipstick. The Blush colour is the PERFECT lipstick to keep in your purse at all times. The Mango colour is a nice punch of colour, but the smell of this one in particular is hard to overcome. It’s very chlorine-y, but not in a good way. The Blush colour does not smell like that, so I don’t know what the scoop is there.

Long Wear Lip Liner in Cool Nude – I also don’t own many lip liners, but these days I am liking them for under glosses. This one is really nice. The colour is opaque, but the formula is fairly creamy. I wish I had picked up some of the other colours.

Eye Shadow in Pretty Penny – They didn’t have many eye shadow colours left to choose from, but I really liked this copper shimmer shadow. This is perfect if you want an easy, yet high-impact eye look.

For the prices I paid for these items, I think they are worth it. I find at their regular prices, this line is still pretty average-priced for drug store items. I don’t know if I would have picked them up if they had not been on sale, but I have been really interested in some of the products since they came out.

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