July Reads

Maybe This Time by Jane Mansell

This had the makings of a perfect book for me:

  • set in the UK
  • romcom/chick lit
  • endorsed by one of my new favourite writers, Katie Fforde

Mimi goes to visit her dad and his partner in the Cotswolds, where she helps them become part of the tight community of Goosebrook. She also happens to meet a guy named Cal who seems perfect, but he’s married. To a really great woman. Time passes, and there are some big life changes for a lot of people in the story, and Mimi comes back to the community.

There is a bit of a twist early on in the book that I really wasn’t expecting, which made it an interesting read. Other aspects of the book weren’t as surprising, but that’s okay. I knew what I was getting with this book. I think some parts of it went on a little too long. Overall I enjoyed this book, but I wasn’t in love with it.

Recipe for Love by Katie Fforde

Zoe nabbed a spot in a popular televised cooking competition for amateur cooks. She is excited, but nervous. She has always been a little reserved. After a surprise encounter with one of the judges, and a contentious relationship with a fellow contestant/competition roommate, Zoe finds that this competition has more challenges than she anticipated.

Obviously I am going to love a book about a cooking competition. I love food and I love reality television. And it’s a romcom? Yes of course this is made for me. And I really enjoyed reading this. Again, predictable ending, but whatever I don’t really care. I liked this book a lot!

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