Lip Monthly – August 2020

I very much love subscription boxes and bags. As a long-time lipstick lover, Lip Monthly has intrigued me for a while. I was finally drawn in by the allure of a $5 bag advertised in an Instagram ad. I am a sucker, yes.

I then went to cancelled and was offered another $5 bag, so I thought I might as well again. My credit card was charged on August 1st, and I received the bag on August 31st.

Here’s what was in the bag:

Laritzy Cosmetics Light Stix in Fuel


On the website, it’s lauded as a highlighter stick. This particular shade lends itself more towards being a blush. It’s okay. I feel like it’s a little too pale maybe? I’m not sure. It’s not really my favourite.

Estate Cosmetics Lip Icing Lipgloss in Extra and Alfredo

$10 each

I just can’t see myself ever using either of these lip glosses. They’re a little thick and gloopy. The pink shade is too pale for me, and the glittery one is just something I would never use.

Jing Ai Vegan Lip & Cheek Glo in Pink Chiffon


This is a nice thing to have I guess. I don’t think I would actively buy it. I do like a duo product, and I think this is a nice colour.

Hikari Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in Fairytale


This is a pretty pigmented shadow. I don’t feel like it’s particularly creamy. I feel like I will use this, but it’s a little more cool-toned than I might usually go for.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed in the bag – even for $5. I was waiting to see what was in this bag before cancelling – which was a mistake. I got it on August 31, and they charge on the first of the month. I did cancel immediately, but I am still getting the September bag – I think. I did email them asking to cancel this month’s bag but haven’t heard back so we will see!

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