London – Making Magic at the Harry Potter Studio Tour

I’ve been a huge Harry Potter fan for a very long time. I was able to grow up with the series. Like many others, I would anxiously wait for each new book and then read it all in one weekend, and stood in lines for the midnight showings of the movies. So you best BELIEVE I wasn’t going to miss a chance to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

We booked our tickets through a tour service. This way we were able to get a bus to the studios (they’re about an hour outside of London) and you didn’t have to wait in line for your tickets once you got there.

You are ushered into a small theatre where you see a video about the tour featuring some of the actors. Then, you’re able to go into the great hall.

The tour is self-guided which is great, you can go at your own pace and spend more time on the things you want to see and spend less on the things you’re not super interested in. While obviously you can’t touch the items in the exhibits, there are some parts of the tour that are interactive.

It was very cool to see all of the things I saw in the movies IRL.

And of course I tried the Butterbeer! (10/10, would recommend)

My favourite part of the tour was Diagon Alley. It was so striking. I could have spent all day in there.

It was a completely *magical* experience to go on the studio tour. I had such a great time exploring everything that went into creating the wizarding world for the big screen.

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