London – Notting Hill & Kensington

There’s no time like the present to blog about a trip I went on 7 months ago, right? Better late than never!!

As a woman who came of age in the ‘oughts, British romcoms has a great impact on my life. Which is why I required a visit to Notting Hill when we were in London.

I was not disappointed by the gorgeous colours of the Notting Hill townhouses I had seen in movies and magazines. Or by the food options available at the Portobello Market (more on that in another post).

And I could not pay a visit to the area without finding the house with the blue door, or the infamous travel book store.

We wandered a little more around the borough.

One of my other British obsessions is the Royal Family, so we then made our way to Kensington Gardens so I could revel in the Meghan Markle of it all.

We met up for with a friend for an afternooncap in Regent’s Park where spring was in full bloom, but it felt more like a summer day. I LITERALLY got a sunburn. I thought I would come home waterlogged from this trip, not burnt.

We had a great day exploring Notting Hill, and I now watch the movie with even more love.

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