London – Touristy AF

We couldn’t make a trip to London without visiting a bunch of the places we’ve seen on tv, read about in books, and looked at while poring over google maps while planning our trip. We were lucky that we had Ethan’s friend that had been living in the city for a while as our tour guide.

I was obviously really excited about running into a REAL LIFE LONDON TELEPHONE BOOTH!!!! Also, can we just take a look at that sunburn I got in a place famous for how much GD rain there is.

And look! A double-decker bus!! We used public transportation almost exclusively for getting around. We found it affordable and fairly easy to navigate.

Of course we had to pay a visit to the London Eye along the bank of the Thames.

Take a look across the river, and you see Big Ben. Well, sort of. Ole benny was under construction when we were there.

The next day this area was used during the London marathon – one of the hottest marathon days in history. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t run into any of the Great British Bake Off contestants that were participating in it.

We did some more casual wandering.

If you look close you can see the Canadian flag in the background, which is the Canadian consulate in the UK!

This walk lead us to one of my favourite spots we visited in London – Carnaby Street. There were so many lights, shops, and restaurants. I would have loved to go back in the daytime, but we couldn’t fit it into our schedule.

The next day we found ourselves at King’s Cross Station purely by accident. I swear!!! I didn’t have it in my plans to seek out the infamous train station and Platform 9 3/4. But we did, so we spent 45 minutes waiting in line for this picture.


But seriously, the next day when we went to the Harry Potter studio tour, there was like, an entire wall of these so we could have gotten the photo op there, but whatever. The studio tour didn’t have someone standing just outside of the frame throwing the scarf to make it appear like it’s ~magic~.

We also paid a visit to Buckingham Palace. 

The whole area was so packed. And we figured it couldn’t be THAT busy on a regular basis. Later we realized that Princess Kate had her third baby that day.

We also managed to be there just in time for the changing of the guard.

Obviously we didn’t cover nearly as much ground in London as we would have liked, but thems the breaks. I guess we’ll just have to go back!!

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