March Reads

Bachelor Nation: Inside the world of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure by Amy Kaufman – Being a Bachelor podcaster, when this book came out this time last year quite a few people asked if I had read it. Well, now I can say yes I have.

Did I like this book? I mean I guess. I don’t know if I would really qualify it as a fun read. It read like a cross between a blog post and a senior thesis. Amy Kaufman did a great job at talking to a lot of people from the Bachelor franchise. She tried to give reasons in each chapter as to why people are fans of the show. She worked to answer questions like,’why do self-proclaimed feminists like this backward-ass show?’ and ‘is it even real?’. And I guess she did that.

As a lover of hot gossip, I was hoping for a lot more of that from this book. Everything that was mentioned I more or less knew already. It felt like she scraped the surface of many aspects of ‘Bachelor Nation’ without really diving deep into anything. It was a fine book. If you think you’d like this, read it, if you’re not really sure, then don’t waste your time and read a thinkpiece about it instead.

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison – This is the first in a 10 book series of YA novels following the misadventures of Georgia Nicolson as she navigates friendship, love, family, and her wild cat, Angus as described in her diary.

A,T&FFS was one of my favourite books as a pre-teen/regular teen. I’ve been obsessed with British media for a very long time, and I think this series has a part to play in that. It had been a very long time since I had read it, at least 10 years I’d say, but I re-read it so much back in the day that my copy no longer has a cover, or many of the pages.

I didn’t know how this old fav would hold up, but I am very glad to say that I think it’s just as good now as it was then. Besides the main characters using landlines, everything about the book still feels current. I legitimately LOL’d at a number of parts. There is a movie based on the book that I never got around to seeing that I am going to have to search out sometime soon.

If you haven’t read this one, or it was also one of your favourites, seek it out!

Wedding Season by Katie Fforde – One of Katie’s books, “A Country Escape”, was one of my favourite books I read last year. While waiting for my extensive holds list to become available, I thought I would read another one of her novels. She has over 25 titles to her name, so there was quite a selection to choose from. I selected “Wedding Season” more or less at random.

This book follows the lives of three women, Sarah, Elsa, and Bron, as they maneuver through a wedding season together after becoming a team during a posh affair.

Like the last of her books I read, I loved this one as well. It was a fairly long book at nearly 500 pages, but I never felt like it was going on too long, or the story was just being dragged out. It was a fun, light story that was perfectly suited to my reading tastes.

I’ve read nearly all of Sophie Kinsella’s books, so I’ve been looking for something else that fits into that style, and Katie Fforde’s books come the closest. I’m really looking forward to diving deeper into her catalogue. If you love a light-hearted British rom-com chick lit novel, then I would definitely recommend this to you.

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