Mexico – A Taste of Cabo

Of course the thing I was most excited about going to Mexico for was the food. We didn’t really eat off of the resort much (except for our boat trip) which I wish we would have been able to do. Next time. Here are a few of my favourite tastes from Cabo.

The food at our resort was pretty excellent. The breakfasts and dinners were excellent, if I had to point out a weak spot it would be the lunches. They were absolutely fine, but it wasn’t the meal I was most looking forward to every day.

If you can believe it, this was my breakfast one day. I am a staunch believer in breakfast guacamole. I didn’t get pulled pork, nachos, and guacamole every single day, I will tell you that I definitely ate Serrano ham and Swiss cheese at every meal. There is little I love more than cured meats and Swiss cheese. I did go a little classic most days with some yogurt, fruit and granola.

Would it be a Mexican vacation without tacos? Of course not. These were a marinated spicy pulled pork on corn tortillas with a salsa verde, onions, cilantro, and guacamole. An excellent pool-side lunch.

Our hotel had 4 a la carte restaurants as well as a grand buffet as options for dinner. La Baja California – the buffet, Zashila – an Asian restaurant, Caruso – an Italian restaurant, Torote – a steakhouse, and La Mision – a Mexican restaurant. We skipped the Asian restaurant, and we didn’t particularly enjoy the Italian restaurant.

We visited the steakhouse twice. I got the same thing both times, a nice striploin. When you walk into the restaurant you are handed a glass of sangria, which is a feature I would love my house to have. The appetizer was a jumbo shrimp cocktail. For dinner there was an option of the striploin, a ribeye or grilled chicken. Dessert was a choice of apple strudel or a berry cheesecake.

At the Mexican restaurant, appetizers were served as a buffet, as was dessert. You order your entree at the table. I chose the shrimp diablo with rice and it was unbelievably good. The shrimp were perfectly spicy and flavourful.

Like I said in my downtown Cabo post, we stopped at Cabo Wabo Cantina for a drink. We had a couple of verrrrry strong margaritas.

My favourite meal we had in Cabo was the lunch we had on the boat trip. We got three tacos – one steak and two fish – as well as a cup of fresh shrimp ceviche, nachos and guacamole. Little pairs better with those things than a margarita.

Cheers to a great vacation and a lot of great food.

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