Mexico – Cabo No She Better Don’t

Because the Canadian winters are harsh and my seasonal depression always acts up this time of year, my friends and I deemed it necessary to take a trip to where the precipitation wasn’t solid ice rocks.

We visited a travel agent and she recommended the Riu Santa Fe in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She said it was perfect for young folks like us. Little did she know we are 75 year olds that just happen to look like we’re in our late 20’s. I was excited about going to Cabo after seeing it featured as a vacation spot in many of my favourite reality shows.

We took her suggestion, and we booked an all-inclusive package to the hotel with Sunwing. To start off our vacation, we were handed a glass of sparkling wine on the flight there. Food is not included on the flight, but they have a decent menu of reasonableish food on their in flight menu. But I would recommend packing a few snacks.

We arrived at the hotel and fell in love immediately. Probably because it was 10pm and it was still warm. Maybe because we were very tired and the beds were comfortable. Possibly because of the endless buffet available to us. In truth, it was all of those, and that this was a really nice hotel. I had only gone to one all-inclusive before, and this was a looooot nicer, (but I paid a lot less for the last one.)

There are like 6 or 7 pools at the Riu Santa Fe, including a couple of striking infinity pools and swim up bars, 5 a la carte restaurants, plus a dinner buffet, and 3 lunch buffets, and 2 breakfast buffets. The selection of food and drinks available at all times was excellent. The beach was nice, but we didn’t spend nearly any time down there because the undertow is very strong, and the beach was too hot to hang out there comfortably without being able to go in the water.

Our room was really nice. It had a mini-bar that was included in the price you paid. The fridge was refilled every couple days with pop and water.

From the one area of the hotel you can see Cabo’s biggest attraction, Land’s End.

There was a club on site, but we didn’t go to it. There was a 24 hour sports bar that we went to one time, but it smelled like damp dog in there, so we didn’t stay long. There were a couple bars in the courtyard which was close to the late night taco truck. Like most resorts there was nightly entertainment. We only went the one night. There are also themed pool parties. We attended to the pink party, which was a lot of fun, but it was definitely pretty wild!

I loved this resort and would definitely stay at another Riu in the future. The resort was very nice, clean, the food was good and the staff was very friendly. I enjoyed Cabo a lot, and would love to visit another part of Mexico in the future.

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