Mexico – One with the Fish

We had decided beforehand that we wanted to do some sort of excursion offered by our travel company, Sunwing. We had all agreed that we wanted to go on some sort of boating/snorkeling expedition. Our contact point at the hotel told us about an excursion that sounded like exactly what we wanted.

It was a tour lasting about 4-5 hours, that included a boat trip to go see the famous Arch, snorkeling, lunch, and bottomless drinks. The tour was put on through Novotours in partnership with Sunwing for about $100 CAD.

A shuttle bus took us to the marina where we collected our tickets and got on the boat. We were handed a cocktail upon arrival, which is exactly what I want from vacation.

We then made the trek out to the Arch. You can only see the Arch from the water. There’s no point of land where you can see it from. If you want to see it, but aren’t interested in doing an excursion like this, a water taxi can take you out for less than $20.

We then headed out into the sea to a spot way past our hotel where we could do some snorkeling. On our way there, we were able to see some sea lions and whales.

We got to the snorkeling spot, and I was genuinely surprised at how many fish we were able to see. I had never been snorkeling before, so this was a real treat.

After snorkeling, we had a very delicious lunch and headed on home. It was pretty overcast that day, so I didn’t reapply my sunscreen as much as I should have and ended up with a pretty good burn.

I thought the tour was well worth the money. We all agreed this was our favourite part of the trip. The crew were all wonderful and provided excellent service. The food was great. The snorkeling was amazing. I would absolutely recommend this excursion if your hotel offers something similar.

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