My Favourite ‘Comfort’ Reads

Many of us, myself included, have a lot more time to read these days. I’ve always been a big reader. It’s a great way to escape into another world. There are a few books that I read over and over again because they are warm and comforting.

Most of these will fall in the category or predictable romcom or funny person autobiography.

Anything by Sophie Kinsella, specifically Can You Keep a Secret? and Wedding Night

Sophie Kinsella has been one of my favourite authors for a very long time. I picked up Confession of a Shopaholic early in my teens, and have read almost all of her new releases since. My absolute favourite is Can You Keep a Secret? As you can tell by my copy in the photo, it has been well-loved by me. It’s a book I pick up whenever I want something easy and breezy to read.

I also really loved Wedding Night. I feel like it’s one that doesn’t really get brought up when talking about Sophie’s books. I think it is a funny, unique concept and I love re-reading it.

The ‘Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging’ series by Louise Reninson

I was obsessed with this series as a teen. I went back and re-read the first book in the series recently and I still thought it was great. Although it’s undoubtedly a series for teens, it doesn’t feel particularly juvenile. It’s a really funny, light-hearted coming of age series.

Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

I mean what a perfect time to dedicate a few weeks of your life to reading this behemoth of a series. Especially if you haven’t read it before!! I’m sure everyone who had any interest in reading it has done so, but maybe try something new.

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Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? and Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

I loved both of these books by tv’s Mindy Kaling. I love her in general, so it’s no surprise I was a big fan of these books. It was a nice insight to her life and why she does what she does. It’s honest and vulnerable but not in a sad or dark way.

The Unhoneymooners

This is a book I’ve read pretty recently, but I loved it. I laughed all the way through it. It was a very fun romcom story.

The Joy of Cooking

Okay obviously this isn’t much of a reading book (although there are lots of great tidbits to read sprinkled throughout!) But this is my favourite cookbook. I got it as a Christmas gift, and I haven’t put it down since. Anything I can think of that I want to make is in this book. It’s not the fanciest cookbook on the block, hell there isn’t even pictures. It’s definitely the most useful one I own.

Let me know what books you’re reading, I’m always looking for books to add to my holds list.

If you’re looking to purchase any of these books, check out the websites for your local bookstores to see if they carry them. Or check them out online through your local library. Most times, you can sign up for the online services without going to your library as long as you have a card. If you don’t have a card, contact your local library to see if you can sign up over the phone or internet.

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