November Reads

I Might Regret this by Abbi Jacobson

3.5 Stars

I’ve been wanting to read Abbi Jacobson’s ‘memoir’ since it came out. I watched the first few seasons of Broad City (I loved it! I just haven’t gotten around to finishing it).

It’s not quite a memoir? There are some memories in it. It’s classified as ‘collection of essays, drawings, and vulnerabilities’. I had a good time reading this. It was a pretty quick read. The drawings take up a lot of pages, so you could get this done in an afternoon if you really wanted.

I understand why she didn’t really name names but I love the gossip, you know? It was cool to read about how Abbi and Ilana got their start and how it evolved into creating Broad City.

I would definitely read this if you love Broad City, or personal stories. I think you should probably have some idea of who Abbi is, or you probably wouldn’t get that much from the book.

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