October & November Empties

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Astringent

I’ve been using some variation of this product for over a decade. I will sometimes buy the store brand, it really depends what’s on sale. I got this one at Winner’s. I think it actually the UK version of the product. I use this every night and morning. Would I buy it again? Yes, probably until the end of time.

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Coconut Hair Mask

I loved this hair mask. I used it once or twice a year, and this tub lasted me a long time. It was great for those days where my hair was knotty and dry. Would I buy it again? Yes!

GlamGlow Waterburst Hydrating Moisturizer

I got this sample with my last Sephora order. I haven’t liked much I’ve tried from GlamGlow, so I wasn’t expecting much from this moisturizer. It’s really nice! I love it. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all, and the scent is almost chocolate-orangey which I loooove. I even considered purchasing the full-sized version of this – until I saw it was 68$. I’m trying to be better at investing in skincare, but I have a limit. Would I buy it again? If it went on sale.

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream

This was another Sephora sample. I didn’t find anything particularly interesting about this cream. Would I buy it again? No.

Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap in Coconut Colada and Coconut Pumpkin Latte

Welcome to another edition of hand soaps we finished! I liked both of them. Sign me up for anything coconut and pineapple, so the Coconut Colada was great. I also liked the Coconut Pumpkin Latte, but it was a pretty sweet scent. Ethan hated it though. Would I buy it again? Yes to the first one, probably not to the second one.

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