October Reads

The Cactus by Sarah Haywood

2/5 Stars

Susan Green is what some would describe as ‘prickly’. She has a job she tolerates, and apartment that serves its purpose, and a family that is often more trouble than Susan appreciates. She likes to do things by the book, and she takes what she believes to be a logical approach to everything in life.

When Susan’s mother dies unexpectedly (but not that unexpectedly in Susan’s mind), Susan is forced to re-evaluate her priorities, her relationships, and her approach to life.

I think maybe I’m being too generous with 2 stars. I really didn’t enjoy this one. Susan is an unlikeable, and kind of unrealistic, character. It was hard to rally behind her and grow to like her when she showed growth. I gave it 2 stars, because I really couldn’t put it down. I zoomed through it just trying to see how it would end.

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