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My Mother’s Banana Bread

My Mother’s Banana Bread

Out of all of the banana breads I’ve had over the years, I’d be lying if I didn’t say my mother’s was my favourite. Sure, I’m probably a little biased. But I do think it’s a pretty good banana bread. If your bananas are super […]

Eulogizing Survivor: Winners at War

Eulogizing Survivor: Winners at War

Here we are, the morning after another season finale of Survivor. In many ways, it’s hard to believe this season even happened. This show has been on for 20 years, an accomplishment in itself. We got 20 winners to come and play again for the […]

What I’ve Been Watching this week – May 13

What I’ve Been Watching this week – May 13

Like Cats and Dogs

This 2017 Hallmark movie follows Laura and Spencer, two very different strangers, as they try to share a rental after a clerical error.

It was a cute and fun movie that ended exactly as you would expect. If this is your type of movie you will definitely like it. It’s a nice, easy watch.

I was invited to talk about the movie over on the Hallmarkies Podcast, so check that out here.

Vanderpump Rules

After what felt like a very dragged out, boring season of Vanderpump Rules, the last few episodes have been really good. It’s felt like very classic Vanderpump Rules. Maybe I have to give credit to Jax for completely losing it and returning to old Jax? Ugh, I never want to give him credit for anything.

I feel like the new cast members are finally being integrated well into the show, and I’m liking them quite a bit. Except Brett and Max.

Check out my rankings of everyone on Vanderpump Rules.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart

Am I…actually really enjoying this show?

Yes I am and I can’t believe it.

Honestly, I’m having a really great time watching it. The two hour episodes don’t feel too long. And I’m thankful there is only one episode per week. I think quite a few of the people on the show are talented musicians which makes it easier to watch.

Check out my podcast coverage of Listen to Your Heart here.

Vegan Carrot Coconut Soup

Vegan Carrot Coconut Soup

In my world, soup season is never over. Just because the temperatures are getting warmer, it doesn’t mean I’m putting my ladles away. This carrot coconut soup is a great, filling lunch soup. It’s based off of this Soup Sisters recipe, making adjustments for ingredients […]

Podcasts I’m subscribed to

Podcasts I’m subscribed to

I have been listening to podcasts for a long time. My brother first introduced me to them back in 2010, and I’ve been exploring the world through podcasts ever since. Here are the podcasts I am currently subscribed to: Rob Has a Podcast This is […]

What I’ve been making lately – May 3

What I’ve been making lately – May 3


We have been craving one of our favourite take-out dinners lately – Shawarma. We thought maybe we could take a stab at making it. We more or less followed this recipe for the chicken. For the garlic toum we used this recipe. For the Battata Harra, Ethan went a little wild after reading a few recipes, but it was pretty similar to this one, only Ethan boiled the potatoes instead of roasting them. For the onions, I used the No Crumbs Left marinated onions.

Everything was excellent. This was one of the best dinners we have had in a while. Our whole house (and us as well) smelled like garlic for days. We were fine with that.

Sad Lemon Meringue Pie

We had a pack of Sheriff’s lemon filling in the pantry so I thought I would take a stab at a lemon meringue pie.

Listen, I’m not the best baker. I’m not great at following the recipes to a t. And I’m definitely not a good enough baker to freestyle recipes. I had a wholly mediocre grade in grade 11 chemistry.

Anyway, first of all, I forgot to spray the pan before baking the crust. C’est la vie. I followed the recipe on the box for both the meringue and the pie bit. The pie bit was tasty, although I think I may have scrambled the eggs in it a bit. it was still tasty. The meringue was a disgrace. It didn’t rise at all.

I will try again. Maybe.

Pulled Pork and Mac & Cheese

I love pulled pork. We made a big batch that we could use for a couple meals. We bought a pack of the crock pot pulled pork seasoning and followed the recipe on the back of that. Mac & cheese was pretty standard, made with a roux and marble cheese. I didn’t have any cabbage, so i made this apple slaw sans raisins.

Blue Cheese Steak and Hasselback Potatoes

The star of this was butter. For the onions and mushrooms they were slow-sauteed in BUTTER. The steak we did in a cast iron skillet in BUTTER and garlic, then topped with blue cheese. The Hasselback potatoes were finicky and not our favourite preparation and yes there was butter.

Taco Salad

On a ~zoom chat~ one of Ethan’s cousins mentioned taco salad, and I’ve been craving it since. We used some taco seasoning in the beef. For the salad, we just used a classic iceberg topped with peppers, red onions, cheese, and corn sauteed in Everything But the Corn Elote seasoning. The dressing was Catalina, and we topped it with hot sauce.

Classic Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Seven Spoons cookbook I have been lusting over for ages. I’ve heard the chocolate chunk cookie recipe is one of the best so I had to try it for myself. I think I made them too big, and they didn’t really brown on the edges (again, I am not a good baker), but it made for some really tasty cookies.

Breakfast Hash with Oven-Poached Eggs

I’ve been missing my go-to order at one of our local breakfast joints, but we’ve whipped it up for dinner a few times. When I was younger, I would fight breakfast for dinner, now I welcome it with open arms. It makes for an easy and delicious dinner. We fry up some potatoes and add some onions in later. Then saute hot Italian sausage (either patties, or sausages cut open). Top it with banana peppers, bbq sauce, and hot sauce along with a pair of poached eggs. We poach them in the oven like this.

Ice Cream Sandwich

I used the aforementioned chocolate chip cookies and a large scoop of vanilla ice cream to quell my desire for an ice cream sandwich. Yes my hands were very messy after. Worth it.

Moscow Mules

Moscow Mules have been one of my favourite beverage discoveries in the last few years, and they’re pretty easy to make at home. For this, I used a shot and a half of vodka, a shot of lime juice, and topped it off with spicy ginger beer. For me, ginger beer is absolutely necessary, I love the spice.


After an offhand conversation about lemonade, we thought it was a great time to make our own. We used the Joy of Cooking lemonade recipe and it was perfect. I can’t wait to remake it when it gets a little bit warmer.

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April Reads

April Reads

Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman by Lindy West 3/5 Stars Lindy West’s 2016 debut novel reads like a collection of essays about her trials and tribulations of growing up and coming to age as a self-proclaimed fat woman. She discusses how it feels to […]

What I’ve been watching this week – April 28

What I’ve been watching this week – April 28

Notting Hill We had ordered ourselves a nice London skyline LEGO set, and thought that building it while watching a quintessential London movie would be nice. It was my turn to choose the movie, so I chose one of my favourites, Notting Hill. I still […]

I watched all of Too Hot To Handle

I watched all of Too Hot To Handle

The world may have come to a total stop, but the Netflix reality programming department has not.

Too Hot To Handle was unleashed upon the world on April 17, and it was exactly what we all needed – a trashy tv show with heart featuring some hot bimbos being forced to find themselves.

The premise is fairly simple – hotties come from all over the world for 4 weeks of bonin’ with other hotties. After 12 hours they are told that actually they are fighting for $100,000 and that they will lose money if they do ANYTHING even KISS. None of these people know if they can handle all of this. Oh, also there is a robot named Lana that knows when people are doing kissing.

As they start to make connections, this becomes harder for some people. Later in the season, the ‘bracelets’ are introduced where our good friend Lana can determine when they can kiss after making ’emotional connections’.

I had a great time watching Too Hot To Handle. It was so much fun. It was exactly the right amount of mindless trash mixed with just enough heart and growth to make you feel not quite as bad about watching it. It’s the perfect kind of show for these trying times.

I would have liked to see more people filter in and out, because a lot of the OGs on the cast didn’t really make any connections. We barely got to know Nicole throughout the season.

But if you liked Love Island, you’ll love this show. It’s great. Just watch it.

I guested on a few podcasts this week about Too Hot to Handle, talking about episodes 5 & 6, and 7 & 8.

What I’ve been watching this week – April 17

What I’ve been watching this week – April 17

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart So like, I was always probably going to watch this. But now I have nothing better to do than to watch LTYH. In an inexplicable move, The Bachelor created a show just for people that are looking for […]