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Frozen Berry Sangria

Frozen Berry Sangria

I love Sangria during any season. Change up the wine and the fruit and it works for any party, celebration, or night at home. For these hot summer months, there’s nothing like a cool frosty drink. This Frozen Berry Sangria brings back the nostalgia of […]

What I’ve been making lately – June 16

What I’ve been making lately – June 16

Tacos Al Pastor Pork was on sale, so we thought we’d make tacos. Not just tacos, but my favourite kind of tacos – Al Pastor. I love pineapple on anything and everything. I was going to just cook the meat in a slow cooker. Ethan […]

Why I’m Excited for Matt James to be The Bachelor

Why I’m Excited for Matt James to be The Bachelor


The Bachelor has named their new lead, even though Clare Crawley‘s season of The Bachelorette hasn’t even been filmed yet.

In an unprecedented move, ABC has announced that a Black man, Matt James, will be their new Bachelor.

He may seem familiar, even if he hasn’t been on the show yet. He is the best friend and roommate of last season’s Tyler Cameron. Many were calling for him to be cast on the next season of The Bachelorette. And he was! Yes, he was originally cast as a part of Clare’s season. It does kind of feel like they cast him in hopes to name him the next Bachelor.

After the push by many fans, thanks to the Bachelor Diversity Campaign, to have a Black Bachelor, ABC named him Bachelor last week.

It’s very exciting to have a Black man be the lead in this franchise that has been overwhelmingly White for the show’s entire run. While it’s exciting, it shouldn’t have taken so long. It’s also not the last step for this franchise to take. They need to include more People of Colour in the cast and crew, and give focus to these cast members that are often left out of the narrative.

I’m excited to see Matt James as the lead, because for the first time since I’ve been watching the show, we have some fresh blood. It’s going to be cool to see how they present Matt, and how they tell us who he is. He’s coming into the show without previous franchise baggage. I’m looking forward to get to know him as the women do.

He also just seems like a cool guy. Matt runs a charity along with Tyler called ABC Food Tours, which helps give food experiences and healthy living tips to under served kids in New York City. Matt seems like a charming, charismatic guy that will be able to carry the season. Also, he is very good looking!!

I’m really looking forward to the two upcoming seasons of the franchise. I hope that we are on the track to see The Bachelor franchise develop into a more diverse and reflective entity.

For our podcast coverage of The Bachelor: Greatest of All Time, click here.

Sign The Bachelor Diversity Campaign petition here.

May Reads

May Reads

In the month of May I managed to read quite a few books and make up for my lacking in other months. I’m now on a better track with my reading challenge! Anyway, on with the books. My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan 3/5 Stars […]

What I’ve been making lately – May 30

What I’ve been making lately – May 30

Breakfast Burrito Who doesn’t love a breakfast burrito? It’s a great way to try and use up what’s in your fridge. I’m looking at the picture and craving this now. If you want the recipe, you can check it out here. Fancy Grilled Cheese We […]

What I’ve been watching this week – May 29

What I’ve been watching this week – May 29

The Challenge

Not only have we been watching this current season of The Challenge, but we have been going back and watching some older seasons in our boredom.

Ethan has shown some interest in the show during his first season of viewing. I asked on twitter what old season we should start with, and a lot of people said Free Agents. So that is what we did.

I hadn’t seen it in ages and I remember really liking it. I loved it again on a second watch. Within a few episodes, Ethan was hooked.

After finishing Free Agents, we went back a little bit further to the first iteration of Exes.

Labor of Love

I almost couldn’t believe that Fox’s newest venture into reality television was not a SNL parody. Well, it’s real and I watched it.

I think the pandemic has rotted my brain, because I actually enjoyed watching it. Or maybe I just have terrible taste.

In this show, our lead Kristy is a 40-year-old woman, wanting children ASAP. So she came to tv to find her future husband(?)/baby daddy. In the first few minutes of the show the men go through some, uh, testing to see if they indeed can be fathers.

Sure, there are some absolute weirdos on the cast, as to be expected. But the cast is actually not that bad? If you can believe it? We even get reintroduced to Survivor Gabon’s Marcus.

If you want to hear more of my thoughts on Labor of Love, check out the podcast here.

Jimmy Carr’s Little Tiny Quiz of the Lock Down

If you love a pub quiz, this will be perfect for you. Jimmy Carr is known for hosting the popular Big Fat Quiz in the UK. I thought it was really fun that he introduced a daily quiz during the lock down. At the end of the week, a compilation video of all of the quiz videos is released so you can watch them all in one shot. Check out the quiz here.

Top Chef All Stars 2

Man, this season of Top Chef just keeps getting better and better. It’s fun, bright, and exciting. After last night’s episode, we are heading to Italy with a flawless final 5. Top Chef All Stars has filled me with supreme joy throughout the entire season, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of it plays out.

Check out the Top Chef podcast on the Reality TV RHAP Ups network.

Just a really solid Breakfast Burrito

Just a really solid Breakfast Burrito

As a child, I hated breakfast for dinner. As an adult, I have completely embraced it. Sorry mom! We had exactly two large tortillas left that we wanted to use up, and I thought that breakfast burritos would be the way to go. These are […]

Eulogizing The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart

Eulogizing The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart

Did I think I was going to watch Listen to Your Heart every single week? I mean, I probably was. Pandemic or not, I do love content. Did I think I was going to love Listen to Your Heart? Definitely not. Yes, I loved the […]

What I’ve been making lately – May 18

What I’ve been making lately – May 18

Vegan Carrot Coconut Soup

We ended up with a lot of carrots in a farm box we picked up, so I thought a carrot soup was in order. It was a very filling soup that has a lot of room to put a spin on it. I think you could add curry powder, or chili flakes to give it more of an oomph.

Find the recipe here.

Cinnamon Roll Cake

Ethan came home from work one day with a sparkle in his eye and a recipe on his phone that a co-worker texted to him. I wish I knew where the actual recipe was from but it was literally just a screen shot of something. It was delicious and wonderful and it’s going to be in our regular dessert rotation.

Breakfast Smoothie

I’ve been trying (lol) to eat decently, and start some mornings off with a smoothie. I always use a banana base, and then just add stuff in based on what I have. This week I have been using banana, frozen mango, frozen strawberries, milk, and greek yogurt.

Surf and Turf with a Wedge Salad

On the one warm day we’ve had this month, we turned on the barbecue. We grilled some nice little steaks. Then using aluminium foil boats, I cooked the shrimp and corn (in separate boats.) For the shrimp, I threw in some butter, cajun seasoning, and garlic. For the corn I used frozen corn with some butter and Everything but the Elote Seasoning from Trader Joe’s.

Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup

My favourite way to use up things in my fridge is to roast them and make a soup. We had ordered a CSA from a local farm, so there was a lot of extra veg kicking around. The soup I made is not too different from this one here, the only difference really is that I added in an orange pepper, used vegetable stock, and topped the soup off with chives.

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

We had sweet chili sauce. We had chicken. We had lettuce. Why not try some lettuce wraps. I’ve never had lettuce wraps before, but I was looking forward to this dinner. We made the chicken in the slow cooker, and I pickled some carrots and cucumber (recipe here), and topped all of that with the sauce.

So the pickled veg was great, but I hated the rest of it. I think I should have fried the chicken a little bit after taking it out of the slow cooker for a little more crisp. I just didn’t really like the hot chicken with the cold lettuce and pickles.

Grilled Ham and Scallop Potatoes

We had a ham in the freezer that we thought we should use up. An idea struck me that we should cut it and grill it. It was great!! I can’t have ham without scalloped potatoes so Ethan whipped some up, roux and all.

Homemade Strawberry Milkshake

I have been craving a strawberry milkshake for a while now, and we just happened to have some ice cream on hand. We blended about 5 or 6 scoops of ice cream with about a cup of fresh and frozen strawberries, and just adding milk as we went to blend. I had to top it off with a bit of whipped cream.

Blackened Chicken and Arroz con Frijoles y Maíz

Since we won’t be going on vacation for a while, we thought we would make a dinner that reminded us of it. For the chicken I coated it in a homemade blackening seasoning (similar recipe here), seared it on the stove top, and then finished it in the oven. For the rice, we made it with some water and vegetable stock, and then stirred in a small can of salsa, and added in the beans and corn.

My Mom’s Banana Bread

We had some excess bananas living on the kitchen counter, so I thought it would be the perfect time to finally make my mother’s banana bread. It came out perfectly and can’t wait to make it again with anther set of bananas living on the counter. Get the recipe here.

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My Mother’s Banana Bread

My Mother’s Banana Bread

Out of all of the banana breads I’ve had over the years, I’d be lying if I didn’t say my mother’s was my favourite. Sure, I’m probably a little biased. But I do think it’s a pretty good banana bread. If your bananas are super […]