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Mexico – A Taste of Cabo

Mexico – A Taste of Cabo

Of course the thing I was most excited about going to Mexico for was the food. We didn’t really eat off of the resort much (except for our boat trip) which I wish we would have been able to do. Next time. Here are a […]

Mexico – Downtown Cabo

Mexico – Downtown Cabo

After briefly visiting Downtown Cabo on our way to the boat tour, we decided that we’d like to make a morning out of visiting again. We could get a taxi from our hotel for about $3 US per person, and it took maybe 10 minutes […]

Mexico – One with the Fish

Mexico – One with the Fish

We had decided beforehand that we wanted to do some sort of excursion offered by our travel company, Sunwing. We had all agreed that we wanted to go on some sort of boating/snorkeling expedition. Our contact point at the hotel told us about an excursion that sounded like exactly what we wanted.

It was a tour lasting about 4-5 hours, that included a boat trip to go see the famous Arch, snorkeling, lunch, and bottomless drinks. The tour was put on through Novotours in partnership with Sunwing for about $100 CAD.

A shuttle bus took us to the marina where we collected our tickets and got on the boat. We were handed a cocktail upon arrival, which is exactly what I want from vacation.

We then made the trek out to the Arch. You can only see the Arch from the water. There’s no point of land where you can see it from. If you want to see it, but aren’t interested in doing an excursion like this, a water taxi can take you out for less than $20.

We then headed out into the sea to a spot way past our hotel where we could do some snorkeling. On our way there, we were able to see some sea lions and whales.

We got to the snorkeling spot, and I was genuinely surprised at how many fish we were able to see. I had never been snorkeling before, so this was a real treat.

After snorkeling, we had a very delicious lunch and headed on home. It was pretty overcast that day, so I didn’t reapply my sunscreen as much as I should have and ended up with a pretty good burn.

I thought the tour was well worth the money. We all agreed this was our favourite part of the trip. The crew were all wonderful and provided excellent service. The food was great. The snorkeling was amazing. I would absolutely recommend this excursion if your hotel offers something similar.

For more on where we stayed in Cabo, check out this post.

Mexico – Cabo No She Better Don’t

Mexico – Cabo No She Better Don’t

Because the Canadian winters are harsh and my seasonal depression always acts up this time of year, my friends and I deemed it necessary to take a trip to where the precipitation wasn’t solid ice rocks. We visited a travel agent and she recommended the […]

What I’ve been watching this week – April 28

What I’ve been watching this week – April 28

Notting Hill We had ordered ourselves a nice London skyline LEGO set, and thought that building it while watching a quintessential London movie would be nice. It was my turn to choose the movie, so I chose one of my favourites, Notting Hill. I still […]

I watched all of Love is Blind

I watched all of Love is Blind

I don’t usually hop on tv watching trends, but I couldn’t say no to Love is Blind. It encapsulates many of my television interests including a complicated game, relationships, and pure insanity.

If you somehow missed the hoopla about Love is Blind, here is the premise: a bunch of Atlanta singles live at a sound stage for a week while dating a bunch of people that everyone else is dating. Except, they can’t see them. That’s right. The couples are separated in pods and while they can have wonderful, deep conversations they cannot see their partner. Six couples (that we see) agree to get engaged AGAIN WITHOUT SEEING THEIR FIANCE. They then meet, go on a vacation to Mexico, and move in together all while anticipating their wedding only 4 weeks away.

Yes, it’s wild and insane and crazy. It’s a concept that leave people wondering ‘how the F would that even happen? These people are nuts!’ Which is absolutely true. I am a veteran of reality dating shows, and I feel like this concept isn’t even the wildest. For my money, Married at First Sight still holds that title.

In the end, spoiler alert, two of these couples actually do get legally married. On the reunion, it’s revealed that those two couples are still together. The show was filmed in 2018 so the couples have been together for over a year now.

I really enjoyed the show. It was an interesting concept, and I appreciate the way that Netflix dropped the episodes. I love being able to see how these couples can make their relationship work, or how and why it falls apart. I am always very interested in the social relationships on reality television, which is often why I gravitate towards dating shows. It was compelling to see how 6 very different couples navigate their new reality.

The one thing that I didn’t particularly love was that the breakup more or less had to take place at the alter. Sure, they didn’t HAVE to stay, but I don’t believe they weren’t encouraged to stay and decide at the wedding. It seems like a step to far to get everyone’s friends and families there and then have all of that go down.

I do believe that this is a process that can work. It’s hard to believe it from the outside, but in watching these shows over the years, when you’re doing nothing but thinking about your connection and romantic relationship it’s possible for a real relationship to form on the fast track.

If you haven’t seen Love is Blind yet, first of all, sorry for spoiling it. Secondly, definitely watch this. It’s a great thing to talk about with all of your friends, I promise.

What I wore in Iceland

What I wore in Iceland

With a name like Iceland, you’d expect a bit of cool weather on a trip there. We went in October, which is considered the off-season. The temperature usually ranges around 2 and 7 degrees Celsius. It’s cool, verging on cold, especially in the evenings. With […]

2020 Resolutions

2020 Resolutions

I like to make resolutions and goals for myself. And I like putting them out there on the internet so people can share their experiences, give tips, and it keeps my accountable. It also helps me look back on my previous goals and see how […]

My Favourite Photos of 2019

My Favourite Photos of 2019

Looking back on the year, I feel like I’ve had a pretty good 2019. I’ve felt better this year, mentally. Not as better physically, but we’re working on that, now aren’t we. I’ve had the great fortune to travel a bit this year, and have had a couple cool experiences. Here are a few of my favourite photos I took in 2019.

I love this photo of my in-law’s dog, Jake. It shows off his unique eye colour and gorgeous spots.

We finished our kitchen mini reno early this year, and we are so happy with how it turned out. The sink is what I’ve been dreaming of for years. Ethan’s idea to paint the upper and lower cabinets different colours turned out really cool, and gives a unique touch to a pretty classic reno. Check out the blog post about The Kitchen here.

These were both taken during my trip to Cabo, Mexico in February. The Arch of Cabo is the city’s most iconic site. You can’t really see it from land, but we had gone on a boat trip. The second is very obviously a sunset photo. I know most people say that you can never truly capture the beauty of a sunset, so just enjoy it, but I can’t help but to take a few photos of them.

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I love this shot of our summer dinner at Oast House Brewers in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Brushfire Smoke serves up their BBQ classics with a twist there all year long. The bright colours really made the photo work for me.

I had the pleasure of babysitting a friend’s kitten, Stella this summer. I have hundreds of photos of her now because she is so cute. This one was my favourite.

So obviously I didn’t take the first one, as I am in it. But I knew I wanted a cute photo of us in a friend’s cherry orchard. We often forget to take photos together, so I love having this one.

The second, was the cherries once they are ripe. There is nothing quite like fresh Niagara cherries.

We got engaged this year!!

Right after we got engaged, we went on a boat tour on Lake Erie during one of our local festivals, and this is a photo of the sunset over the lake through one of the portholes on the boat.

I turned 28 on September 28th AKA my champagne birthday, so here I am popping a bottle. If you look closely, you can see the cork flying!

This is a photo of the Niagara River flowing though the gorge from the Whirpool Aero Car. The fall colours were just starting to pop up.

This Butternut Squash pasta dish was on the cover of an issue of Food Network Magazine. I’ve been experimenting with styling in my food photos and flatlays, and I really liked the way this one turned out. The dish was pretty tasty too!

Early in the year, Ethan won two passes for the Niagara Helicopter Tour. This is something we would have never done on our own – it’s preeeeetty expensive. We were both very excited to go in a helicopter for the first time.

We visited Iceland in October, and there was no shortage of beautiful sights. Skogafoss was my favourite of the waterfalls we visited. It was a sunny day, so we even got to see a rainbow.

It’s always been a dream to see the Northern Lights. We couldn’t have had a more perfect night for viewing them when we went to the Aurora Base Camp just outside of Reykjavik. One of the guides there, Erik, helped me adjust my camera to the correct settings to be able to take a photo of the Lights in action.

Taking a trip to the Blue Lagoon was my favourite part of visiting Iceland. We had a wonderful day floating around the hot springs.

The Black Sand beaches on the southern coast of Iceland are breathtaking.

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We got an adorable kitten in November and his name is Jasper!! It’s been a lot of fun having a playful kitten running around the house. Even if it means that on occasion we have to pull a roll of paper towel from his death grip.

I love taking pictures of makeup. I enjoy looking at all of the bright colours and beautiful packaging. This is my favourite makeup photo I took this year, featuring the Tarte tarteist PRO palette.

I loved our Christmas tree this year. I also love the way our wrapped paper went together with our tree skirt.

I hope everyone else had a nice 2019, and I think we are all looking forward to what 2020 brings.

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What I’ve been watching this week – February 11

What I’ve been watching this week – February 11

This past week I escaped the incredibly cold Canadian winter for the beaches of Mexico. My Spanish is abysmal, so I didn’t watch much television while I was down there. I did however download 5 episodes of Top Chef which I watched on repeat for […]