September Reads

September was a really crazy month. My work schedule was packed, and that mixed with other events, commitments, etc made it tough to do much reading. Also, most of my holds are still like, 6 months away from getting to me. Sometimes I feel like when there isn’t pressure to finish a book within a certain timeline, I don’t start it.

Anyway, I could use some book recommendations. You can probably guess what kind of books I’m into based on the months of book reviews here on my blog. Preferably not super new releases, because I don’t need my holds list getting any longer without an end in sight.

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

3.5 Stars

Speaking of my holds list, this one was on there for a long time.

Nikole Paterson is a freelance writer in a very casual relationship with a typical LA model. So needless to say she was pretty surprised when he proposed to her in a very public setting, at a Dodgers game. This was a life-changing moment for Nikole, and the rest of the story unfold from there.

I think when I have to wait a long time to read a book, I have higher expectations. It’s super popular so I’m going to love it! And while I liked it, I didn’t love it. I don’t think I would re-read this book, but I am interested to read some other stories by Jasmine Guillory. The story was pretty formulaic, but with some fun little twists that kept me going. Some of the writing felt a little clunky in some places (but who am I to judge?)

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