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2019 Favourites

2019 Favourites

Books My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite This was a really interesting read. It had a really different style than I was used to. My Sister, the Serial Killer had short chapters and it was a really quick read, but it was gripping […]

Everything I’ve tried from BITE Beauty

Everything I’ve tried from BITE Beauty

I am a lipstick fiend. Sorry, I can’t help it. I love all of the bright colours. I love the way lipstick makes you feel. Because of this, I have accumulated many, many lip products. One of my favourite brands is BITE Beauty. BITE Beauty […]

Sephora Fall 2019 VIB Sale Recommendations & What’s In My Cart

Sephora Fall 2019 VIB Sale Recommendations & What’s In My Cart

Well folks, another VIB sale at Sephora has arrived. It comes at the perfect time to start some Christmas shopping. Most of the gift sets are out already as well, so you can get a lot of value with those. With an extra little discount, it sweetens the deal.

If you’re looking for a little extra money back, use my Rakuten code to sign up for the program and get money back every time you shop online. (I get a referral bonus if you use this link)

Here’s what I recommend to you and what’s in my cart.


Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks

These are one of my favourite lipstick formulas. It seems like Bite is reformulating these, so all of them are on sale right now for half off. When you add in the extra discount it’s a great deal.

First Aid Beauty Fablantis Set

I love First Aid Beauty skincare products, and their gift sets are alwaus amazing. They’re a pretty decent price and you get to try a whole array of their products to see what you like.

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

I love these mini palettes. There’s a great variety of colour stories, so you’ll be able to find one that suits you. The mauve obsessions one is my favourite, and I love the look of the new Nude Obsessions.

Sephora Collection Instant Masks

I’m trying to not buy sheet masks anymore. I bought one of these because they discontinued my other favourite face masks. I quite like them, and do find they make a difference. They’re a perfect stocking stuffer.

What’s In My Cart

Tarte You’re a Total Knockout Skincare Set

I’ve been struggling with my skin the last couple months. I got a sample of the Knockout Tingling Treatment Toner in my last order, and I’ve found that it works really well for me. It’s hard for me to resist a set!

The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicon Primer

I love this primer. I’ve gone through a couple of these already. It’s incredibly affordable as well.

There’s also a few Christmas gifts I am picking up, so I can’t list them here! What are you going to pick up in the sale? Check out my other Sephora Recommendations and Hauls here.

August & September Empties

August & September Empties

I finished up a lot of products in the last two months, which is great. For the rest of the year, and hopefully into 2020 I will focus on finishing up products I already have instead of using 3 or 4 different face washes or […]

Influenster Voxbox – Kat Von D True Portrait Foundation

Influenster Voxbox – Kat Von D True Portrait Foundation

I received these products complimentary from Influenster and Kat Von D for review. I was looking forward to trying a new high-end foundation. I don’t often buy high-end foundation unless it’s on sale, so it was great that this one was coming to my door. […]

A (mostly) Colourpop Haul from Ulta

A (mostly) Colourpop Haul from Ulta

Colourpop is one of my favourite makeup brands. It’s incredibly reasonably priced, and I haven’t come across many duds in their line up. It’s not the most easily accessible brand in Canada. With international shipping, duty fees, and exchange rates, the costs can add up.

A few years ago, Colourpop came into select Ulta stores. I live pretty close to the border, and take a few trips to Ulta throughout the year. I also prefer Ulta’s points system to Sephora. With every 100 points, you get $3 off your purchase. It’s usually 1 point per dollar spent, but they do promotions where you can get 2 or 3 times the points. They also almost always have a coupon of some sort going on.

Here’s what I got on my latest trip.

Nars Matte Lipstick in Pour Toujours

Pour Toujours is described as a warm pink, but I definitely find it a little more cool-toned on my skin. This was the September birthday gift this year. I’ve honestly never LOVED any of my Ulta birthday gifts until this one. It’s a great lipstick. I love the colour. The formula is long-lasting but it doesn’t feel super drying like many matte lipsticks.

Colourpop BFF Liquid Liner in The Hills

I like experimenting with coloured liners, but I never really want to spend a lot of money on something that I won’t be wearing all the time. The other coloured liners I’ve used, specifically the NYX Vivid Brights ones, didn’t really live up to my expectations. They would dry and crumble, and the applicator was not easy to use.

I found that this liner was exactly what I was looking for. I loved the green colour of this liner. It was super easy to apply, and lasted throughout a work shift without any primer underneath. I would absolutely get the black one next time I’m in need.

Colourpop Brow Boss Gel in Light Brown

I have previously purchased this brow gel in the clear formula and quite liked it. I was hoping that getting it in light brown, it would act like the Benefit Gimme Brow and I could skip using an eyebrow pencil. That’s not really the case though. It doesn’t build up my brows much, but it holds them in place nicely.

Colour Pop Blush Stix in Under Pressure

I’ve been wanting to try out the blush stix since they were released and was waiting for the next free international shipping promotion to try one. So I was very excited to see them in Ulta! The one I chose is a bright salmon pink. It has a lot more shimmer than I was expecting, so I skip highlighter when I wear it. I like the colour, and the stix are pigmented but blend nicely. I don’t really need any more blush, but I’d definitely consider getting another one of these.

I cashed in some of my points and I had a $3.50 off coupon, so all of this came to around $14.50.

Check out a past Colourpop haul here.

June/July Empties

June/July Empties

Okay, so what if August is almost over??? It’s never too late to let you know about all the products I’ve used up in the last few months. You may argue there is actually never a good time to tell you about them. But I […]

MAC Cosmetics @allanaramaa Canadian Originals Set

MAC Cosmetics @allanaramaa Canadian Originals Set

I’ve been a follower of Allana Davison for a couple years now. I enjoy influencers, especially Canadian ones. Allana is known for makeup and lifestyle posts and videos. I like her style, it’s very classic with a twist. I find her approachable and fun. She […]

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

I’m a lipstick fiend. There is nothing I am better at than convincing myself that I don’t already have that colour of lipstick. One of my favourite brands, BITE Beauty, has a place in Toronto where you can make custom lipsticks.

For my birthday a couple months ago, we visited the BITE Beauty Lip Lab.

There are a couple options to make your lipstick – 1 custom colour, 2 custom colours, or 2 bespoke lipsticks. I chose to make 2 custom colours. With the bespoke service you are choosing the exact mix of pigments, creating a brand new shade. This comes at a price, and it was quite a bit more than creating 2 custom shades.

With the custom shades, you talk to your artist about the colours you are going for, and what finish you want. I knew I wanted one satin and one matte. The colours I wanted were an orangey-coral, and some sort of wearable purple. The artist, Kat, suggested that the purple be matte and the coral be the satin.

We started looking at pigment colours, and we went through a few before we nailed down what I was looking for.

When the mixing was done, a scent was added. I chose cherry for the coral, and vanilla for the purple. I kiiiind of wish I chose the violet scent for the purple, you know to stick with the theme.

Then the mixes were microwaved to melt them, and poured into the mould before freezing.

Then they are tubed.

And then you have your lipsticks!!! Check out the final products.

I haven’t named them yet, any suggestions?

Some may think that $80 for two lipsticks is absurd, and I am with you for the most part. BITE lipsticks usually retail for $30 each, so to pay $10 more for it to be customised isn’t THAT absurd. This isn’t something I’m going to be doing every week, and I’m so glad I did it!

Project Pan 2019

Project Pan 2019

I have a lot of makeup products that I need to use. I get a deep sense of satisfaction when I finish products up. I can pretty easily finish up foundations, concealers, lotions, and anything else I’m using on a regular basis. I have a […]