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May Reads

May Reads

In the month of May I managed to read quite a few books and make up for my lacking in other months. I’m now on a better track with my reading challenge! Anyway, on with the books. My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan 3/5 Stars […]

March Reads

March Reads

Well, I didn’t read much in March. I aim for at least 2 books a month. Things came up I guess. I also had a hard time getting through the one book I did read so I guess that slowed me down a bit. My […]

April Reads

April Reads

Buttermilk Graffiti by Edward Lee

I was wandering around a bookstore recently and came across Buttermilk Graffiti, a book about Top Chef Texas Alumni Ed Lee’s journey through the impact that immigrants have had on the food culture of the USA. He explores pockets of the country where there are large immigrant communities, why they went there and how they have impacted the area.

I loved this book. It was an incredibly interesting way to present the stories of immigrants through the states. I learned quite a bit about food and culture and why the two are so intertwined. If books about food are any interest to you, this is a must-read.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

I don’t really know what came over me when I placed a hold on this book. I didn’t really know who Rachel Hollis was. I didn’t read her blog. It didn’t really occur to me that this was a second book, and I didn’t read ‘Girl, Wash Your Face‘. I don’t really gravitate towards ‘self-help’ books.

Is this the best book I’ve ever read? No, of course not. Did I enjoy it? Yes! Did it leave me completely inspired and ready to change my life? Not particularly. The book features some good messaging. Work hard and make plans. Believe in yourself. Etc. It’s messaging we all need to hear sometimes. I made quick work of this book, finishing it in under 24 hours, but I feel like it could have been a lot shorter. It got pretty repetitive after while, and I found the constant ‘Girl’ and ‘Sister’ when referring to the reader forced. Overall I liked it and would recommend it if it’s your jam. I just don’t feel like a whole new woman after reading it and that’s perfectly fine.

Things I Didn’t Finish Reading

What She Ate: 6 Remarkable Women and the Food That Tells Their Story by Laura Shapiro

I was enjoying this book, but it was not one I was able to quickly devour. That’s fine, not every book is supposed to be. This is heady, filled with historical details about 6 women who played an important role in history. The reason I didn’t finish this book is that it fell victim to a holdpocolypse. The other books (the two listed above!) were just ones I was more interested in reading and it had to be returned. I’m in another hold lull, so I will probably go back to it.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

While I was holed up after some light knee surgery, my boyfriend and I watched a special about the Salem Witch Trials. In the show, they talked about how The Crucible was based on that. I thought I would place a hold on the book/play. I tried reading it, I was into the prologue but once I got to the meat of the play I lost interest and returned it.