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My Personal Rankings of the cast of Big Brother All-Stars 2

My Personal Rankings of the cast of Big Brother All-Stars 2

My fandom of Big Brother has come in ebbs and flows in the last two decades. I vividly remember watching season 3 on the little TV in my bedroom at the tender age of 10. I continued to watch for years, but gave up in […]

What I’ve been watching this week – July 2

What I’ve been watching this week – July 2

The summer TV season is really starting to ramp up. With 5 episodes of Love Island US coming this week, Bachelor in Paradise is on the horizon, and much more – it’s a great time to be a tv watcher. Vanderpump Rules YES, I AM […]

What I’ve been watching this week – June 26

What I’ve been watching this week – June 26

Sorry for the delay in this week’s WIBWTW, but it gave me more time to watch television, which is truly the greatest gift of all.

The Hills: New Beginnings

I was a super fan of The Hills and all associated programming for a very long time. We got MTV for the first time just around the time The Hills was starting and I was hooked from the very first episode. I was a Lauren Conrad disciple. I was a convert to the braided bangs and winged eyeliner trend she brought to our televisions.

I fell off watching the show when I went away to university, and it was around the time that Lauren left the show as well.

When I heard about The Hills coming back as The Hills: New Beginnings, I was very excited. I bought the issue of Cosmopolitan with the cast on the cover as soon as I could. The show returned this week.

And the first episode was, uh, fine. It didn’t quite have the same vibe as the OG series. Now the producers have included confessionals, which were never a part of this show. I’m fine with that. I like getting everyone’s perspectives instead of just one leading voice. It’s a function of nearly every reality show at this point.

There are also two new ‘characters’ in the show, Brandon Lee and Mischa Barton. I’m interested to see what they will bring to the show in the long run.

In the first episode, it felt like it was missing the charm of the original series. A lot of the content was pretty heavy, and it wasn’t presented in the most compelling way. It’s very clear that none of these people have talked to each other in many years. It’s hard to suspend the disbelief that they’re getting together for any other reason but the show.

I wasn’t deeply impressed by this first episode, but I’m looking forward to seeing where the season will go.

Big Brother 21

Everyone’s favourite summer show that they absolutely despise at least 85% of the time is back! I didn’t dive too deep into the pre-season content, so I didn’t have a great sense about anyone going into the season. After the first episode, I find myself pretty excited about the cast.

Sure, we have our usual mactors, aspiring social media influencers, and former Bachelorette contestant’s girlfriends. But there are a bunch of folks who are going to be a lot of fun to watch. My favourite so far is Isabella, and I hope I won’t revisit this in a few months and be severely disappointed.

Vanderpump Rules

Oh god I am so deep into this show. I am now solidly making my way through season 5. The show just keeps getting better and better. I love it so much!!!

Of course I’ve been watching The Bachelorette, but because of all of the Luke content I don’t feel like it deserves to be written about here. For all of my thoughts about the latest episode, check out our Bachelorette podcast.

What I’ve been watching this week – April 30

What I’ve been watching this week – April 30

The Amazing Race The Amazing Race came back a couple weeks ago after a loooong hiatus. For their 31st season they decided to have a battle of the CBS reality shows. Favourite teams from previous seasons of The Amazing Race plus new teams made up […]

What I’ve been watching this week – January 28

What I’ve been watching this week – January 28

Top Chef Season 11 – I couldn’t stop the Top Chef train this week. After I finished Season 10, I moved right onto Season 11, New Orleans. This is such a fun season. I love New Orleans and I really enjoy seeing the city as […]

Here’s what I think about the Celebrity Big Brother Cast

Here’s what I think about the Celebrity Big Brother Cast

After a successful season of Celebrity Big Brother last year, CBS said, “Hey, why not do this again!!” Because these days, if a TV show gets good ratings, a network goes all in. It started as something to combat the Winter Olympics, but it continues to be a good filler during a Television off-season.

It seems like with this cast they are looking to fill some of the roles they had last year – A Real Housewife, a former child star, a washed up athlete, and a White House firee.

There are some people that I don’t know so I can’t comment on them – Natalie Eva Marie, Kato Kaelin and Kandi Burruss. Sorry guys.

Here’s how I feel about the rest of the cast:

Ricky Willams – I don’t actually know him, but my friend Colin had this to say: “He was famously so averse to cameras he would keep his helmet on during locker room interviews so the BB house should be a real treat”. Okay then.

Anthony Scaramucci – A former Trump staffer that I definitely got mixed up with Sean Spicer when the cast was first announced. I don’t really need another season of someone talking about how shit Trump is to work for. No duh! We got a lot of hot goss from Omarosa last season, so I can only assume that’s what they’re going for with the Mooch.

Dina Lohan – People like to say that Kris Jenner was the OG Momager – mais non my friends, it was Dina. With Lindsay re-entering the world of reality TV this month, it only makes sense that Dina is back too. I can see her having a very Brandi-esque time in the BB house.

Ryan Lochte – Since dummy got banned from swimming, he needs some way to make some money so why not Celebrity Big Brother?? I can see him accidentally stumbling his way to the end without knowing how he got there.

Joey Lawrence – I definitely KNOW who Joey is, but I’m not really sure where I know him from. He’s arguably best known for his role in Blossom, which was before my time. He could be great or terrible. What a ringing endorsement, eh?

Lolo Jones – I’ve been following Lolo Jones for a long time. She was one of the biggest stories surrounding the Olympics for a while, partially for her virginity, partially for her chokes on the biggest stage. I also watched her on The Challenge: Champs vs Stars where she was fantastic television. She’s not someone everyone is going to like in the house, but I am excited to see her here.

Tom Green – I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Tom Green movie, but he’s Canadian and that’s all that matters.

Tamar Braxton – I know Tamar from being impersonated by Roxxxy Andrews on Drag Race and also from being a judge on Drag Race. She is always a lot of fun on that show, so she should be a firecracker here.

Jonathan Bennett – We all know him from Mean Girls, and more recently the new Ariana Grande video. But also you should know him from various cupcake competition shows on the Food Network. He seems pretty personable and will be able to go under the radar. I also think he might be our Big Brother Celeb Super Fan for the season. I will leave you with this tweet from my friend Taylor.