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October Reads

October Reads

The Cactus by Sarah Haywood 2/5 Stars Susan Green is what some would describe as ‘prickly’. She has a job she tolerates, and apartment that serves its purpose, and a family that is often more trouble than Susan appreciates. She likes to do things by […]

May Reads

May Reads

In the month of May I managed to read quite a few books and make up for my lacking in other months. I’m now on a better track with my reading challenge! Anyway, on with the books. My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan 3/5 Stars […]

February Reads

February Reads

Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

5/5 Stars

I had heard of Linda Holmes years back. She made a few guest appearances on a Survivor podcast I listen to, so I was excited to hear she was writing a book. I had this on my holds list for a while, and I felt like a few of the books I had waited a long time for didn’t really live up to the hype. This was not the case with ‘Evvie Drake Starts Over’ – I loved this book!

Evvie Drake is recently widowed, and everyone in her life thinks she has been withdrawn because she misses her husband, but that’s not really the case. She’s trying to deal with the guilt of not missing him at all. Her friend asks her if she is interested in having a lodger, his old friend and struggling baseball player Dean Tenney. They spend the year dealing with their issues, separately and together.

I really loved this book. It’s definitely going to be in my favourite books I’ve read this year come December. It was emotional, funny, and the story really drew me in. I don’t think the ending is spectacularly unexpected, but I loved the way we got there.

Dear Girls by Ali Wong

3.5/5 Stars

This memoir/advice book by comedian Ali Wong is written to her daughters. I love this genre of books, so I was really excited to read this.

I really enjoyed this book. Ali’s point-of-view is unique and engaging. She tells her stories in a way that makes you really connect with her. I laughed and I cried. It was a fun love letter to her beloved daughters.

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