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My Favourite Photos of 2019

My Favourite Photos of 2019

Looking back on the year, I feel like I’ve had a pretty good 2019. I’ve felt better this year, mentally. Not as better physically, but we’re working on that, now aren’t we. I’ve had the great fortune to travel a bit this year, and have […]

The Bathroom

The Bathroom

Welcome to the smallest room in our house. The size of the bathroom is, well, not ideal. There’s not a whole lot of storage in here. We use the cupboard in the spare room for all of the bathroom stuff. I think down the line […]

The Office

The Office

Now for my favourite room in the house.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a pink office. Well, really I wanted a pink kitchen, and figured that I could never convince any person I would ever live with that a pink kitchen would be a good idea. So I settled for a pink office.

I work from home a lot and with podcasting, I really needed a separate space. I was pretty adamant about a three-bedroom house when we were looking, so I could have my office and still have a spare bedroom.

I’m pretty obsessed with how this room turned out.

Obviously the biggest change was the paint colour. My mother and Ethan both tried to convince me that I should just paint one wall pink, and then it won’t be as overwhelming. I stuck to my guns and painted this sucker with two coats of primer and 3 coats of pink. We also painted the ceiling white to brighten everything up more. I tried to stick to mostly white furniture so nothing would clash with the bold colours.

Desk, Computer, Chair (similar), Lamp (similar), Letter holder (similar), Clock (similar), Pillow, Kate Spade Jewelry Tray (similar), Bracelets, Ravenclaw Pin

I also wanted to put a vanity in my office. My best friend originally had the idea to use this Ikea shelf with drawers as a vanity, and I loved the way it looked. The mirror was one I’ve owned for years. I have a lot of knickknacks, and I’ve had my eye on this shelf for years. The vanity and shelf fit nicely in this space. I wanted a nice little velvet stool for the vanity, and this one was perfect.

Vanity, Shelf, Mirror (similar), Stool

I went with mostly white accessories for the vanity with a few pops of rose gold and bright colours. I wanted a little drawer set for atop of the vanity with the products I use every day. For inside the drawers, I just got a couple different-sized containers from the dollar store. To hold my favourite palettes, I used a letter holder.

Drawer Set, Rose Gold Makeup Brush Holder (similar), Giraffe Ring Holder, Elephant Planter

Google Home, Candle, Letter Holder (similar)

I love this shelving unit, it’s a great way to display a few of my favourite things.

Hermione Pop Figure, Glass Containers (similar), Baroque Picture Frames (similar), Princess Kate Pop Figure, Cath Kitson Teapot Set, Style by Lauren Conrad, True Whit by Whitney Port, Lipstick Holder, Hand-Drawn Halifax by Emma Fitzgerald, Rose all Day by Katherine Cole

My book shelf and prints were another great way to bring some more bright colours into this space. I created a little gallery wall. Not going to lie, it took me months to commit to this arrangement. I’m trying to find the balance between having stuff up on my walls without anything looking too busy.

Scentsy (similar), Alaska Pop Figure, Wooden Bowl (similar), Cactus Light, Yellow Planter (similar), Letter Board (similar), My Favorite Murder Print (sticker instead of print), Riesling Print, Meaghan Markle Print Custom Made by @MelGotServed

I’m ecstatic with how my office turned out. It’s exactly what I wanted it to be. I’m happy that this is the room in my house I spend the most time in!

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

When looking for a house, we really wanted one with a decent-sized dining room, and we were pretty excited when we saw the size of this room in the house we bought. When we finally moved in, we were pretty surprised at how big the […]