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Lip Monthly September 2020

Lip Monthly September 2020

I missed the cutoff date for cancelling the Lip Monthly subscription for the month of September. I think this bag worked out to be between $17 and $20 CAD. Which feels, uh, very not worth it? IDK. This bag arrived the first week of October […]

Lip Monthly – August 2020

Lip Monthly – August 2020

I very much love subscription boxes and bags. As a long-time lipstick lover, Lip Monthly has intrigued me for a while. I was finally drawn in by the allure of a $5 bag advertised in an Instagram ad. I am a sucker, yes. I then […]

Sephora Haul – February 2020

Sephora Haul – February 2020

I’ve had a pretty crazy 2020 so far. Because I’m very good at justifying things to myself, I thought my hard work so far this year deserved a treat in the form of a trip (online) to Sephora.

Bite Beauty Changemaker Foundation in L40

I love BITE Beauty products. I was really excited to see that they were coming out with a foundation. The foundation had some great reviews and it’s described as “A clean, long-wearing foundation with gentle micellar technology that mimics skin texture for a natural, flawless finish.” It has medium coverage, and it’s made for all skin types.

I prefer a more light-wearing foundation, and I don’t usually opt for anything super full-coverage. I don’t have the best skin around, but I just don’t like the feeling of a full-coverage foundation, and I don’t think they look particularly good on my skin.

I think the BITE foundation is a really good fit for me. I like the feeling of it, and it has the perfect amount of coverage for me. I do have to go over it with a beauty blender for it all to sink it. It does have a scent, so beware of that if you are sensitive to scents. There is a good variety of shades so you will probably be able to find one that matches you.

It’s worn pretty well – and I’ve been testing it through some pretty harsh conditions (you’ve got to love working outside in the Canadian winter!)

Check out my post about all of the BITE Beauty products I’ve tried here, and my trip to the BITE Beauty Lip Lab here.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Mini

I’ve been on the hunt for a nice setting spray, and I haven’t found one I love yet. The Christmas ornament version of the cult fav All Nighter setting spray was on sale so I thought it was worth a shot.

Even though it was the mini version, it didn’t have that much less product than the drug store ones I had been using. So I feel like the value is pretty decent.

I like the spray too. It has a nice even spritz. I do think it improves the wear of my makeup throughout the day.

Stila Beauty Boss Gloss in Elevator Pitch

I got this trial size lip gloss by using a code on the Sephora website. It’s described as a sheer peach duo-chrome with fire opal shimmer lip gloss.

I wasn’t overly excited about this, I don’t reach for gloss a lot. Also, it seemed pretty glittery. I actually love this product and have been reaching for it a lot. It’s a perfect gloss on its own. It’s not too sticky and it has a nice scent.

Beauty Blender THE LEVELER Pore Minimizing Primer

I used 100 points to pick up this VERY TINY primer sample. I was kind of surprised at just how small it was. For the product itself, I like it. I know not everyone cares for a pore-filling primer, but I can get down with them. In my opinion, this is the nicest pore-filling primer I’ve used.

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Boxycharm January 2020

Boxycharm January 2020

After seeing the spoilers, I thought I would sign up for Boxycharm for the month of January. I thought I’d be pretty satisfied with any of the variations I was seeing online. Plus, they had a pretty good sign up deal with a few free […]

2019 Favourites

2019 Favourites

Books My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite This was a really interesting read. It had a really different style than I was used to. My Sister, the Serial Killer had short chapters and it was a really quick read, but it was gripping […]

Everything I’ve tried from BITE Beauty

Everything I’ve tried from BITE Beauty

I am a lipstick fiend. Sorry, I can’t help it. I love all of the bright colours. I love the way lipstick makes you feel. Because of this, I have accumulated many, many lip products. One of my favourite brands is BITE Beauty.

BITE Beauty is a cruelty-free, Canadian company that focuses exclusively on lip products. They are reformulating all of their products to make them vegan, which they will be launching in 2020. So right now you can get almost all of their products with a major discount on their website and at Sephora.

Here’s everything I’ve tried from BITE Beauty:

Amuse Bouche Lipstick

This is more or less BITE’s flagship product. They are best known for these creamy, pigmented lipsticks. If you’re willing to invest in a really great lipstick, these are my absolute favourite. I find they have good lasting power, and they’re easy to apply. There’s also great range of colours – from neutral to very bold. If you’re nervous about spending that much money on a lipstick, these come up all the time as Sephora points perks.

You can even make your own shade of the Amuse Bouche lipsticks at the BITE Beauty Lip Lab! Read more about my experience at the Lip Lab here.

Favourite Shade: Beetroot


The Multisticks are probably my favourite product BITE makes. Multi-use products aren’t for everyone, but I personally love them. These have a matte finish, which makes it work well as a lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow. I love a monochromatic look, and these are perfect for that. The Prismatic Pearl Multistick makes a nice glittery highlight and lip topper.

Favourite Shade: Mauvember 2017

Outburst Longwear Lip Stain

I got one of these as a birthday present to myself, because that’s the only way I could justify spending $30 on a lip stain. I think I might have gotten it during a Sephora sale as well, so that soften the blow just a scootch. It’s a great product. It’s a gorgeous lipstain that fades really nicely throughout the day. The colours of this collection are perfect for spring and summer. I’d love to see them come out with different colours in the future.

Favourite Shade: Strawberry Frose

Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick

I received these complimentary for review from Influenster (sign up here!). They’re my least favourite thing I’ve tried from BITE. The formula I think would be great for some people, it just wasn’t for me. It felt a little heavy and thick for me. They are super pigmented though. Check out more about these lipsticks in this blog post.

Favourite Shade: Flambe

Lip Pencil

These are a classic wooden lip liner. They are creamy and smooth. I don’t think I would ever think to buy these on my own – I received these from Influenster as well – I don’t usually reach for a lip liner. I do like these a lot, but again, I really don’t think I’d buy these at full price. I’d recommend picking them up while they’re still on sale.

Favourite Shade: 044

Matte Creme Lip Crayon

Okay, so I also got these from Influenster. They’re great if you love the Amuse Bouche colours, but you were looking for a matte finish. Like the OG, they’re very pigmented and long-wearing. I find that the citrus-y scent is preeeetty strong in these.

Favourite Shade: Red Velvet

French Press Lip Gloss

These lip glosses were all the hype when they came out in 2018, and with good reason! They are great lip glosses. They aren’t overly sticky. I will say the coffee scent is a little stale for me. The colours have a nice nude range.

Favourite Shade: Dirty Chai

Agave Lip Mask

The Agave Lip Masks are a cult favourite. It’s rare to see beauty YouTuber that doesn’t rave about these. They are really fanastic I love to put it on a night, or if my lips are feeling really dry during the day. My mom likes to wear hers as a lip gloss.

Favourite Shade: Maple

High Pigment Lip Pencil

They aren’t really making or selling these anymore. You can still find a few odd colours at Sephora, and sometimes you can find some nice ones at Winners or TJ Maxx. I really like these, and wish they didn’t discontinue them. I guess they’re not THAT different from the Matte Creme Lip Crayon though.

Favourite Shade: Bramble

Line & Define Lip Primer

I’m also not sure if they’re making these anymore either. I got this it the Matte Creme Lip Crayon box from Influenster. I’m not totally sure of its purpose? I guess it makes your lipsticks last longer, but I’ve never really had an issue with that. I guess I should start using it more to see if it makes a difference.

A (mostly) Colourpop Haul from Ulta

A (mostly) Colourpop Haul from Ulta

Colourpop is one of my favourite makeup brands. It’s incredibly reasonably priced, and I haven’t come across many duds in their line up. It’s not the most easily accessible brand in Canada. With international shipping, duty fees, and exchange rates, the costs can add up. […]

Sephora Haul – August 2019

Sephora Haul – August 2019

I had refrained from making any Sephora purchases for a good portion of the year. But with my recent engagement (and subsequent need to get my skincare act together, and a Sephora sale I thought it was as good a time as any to put […]

MAC Cosmetics @allanaramaa Canadian Originals Set

MAC Cosmetics @allanaramaa Canadian Originals Set

I’ve been a follower of Allana Davison for a couple years now. I enjoy influencers, especially Canadian ones. Allana is known for makeup and lifestyle posts and videos. I like her style, it’s very classic with a twist. I find her approachable and fun.

She recently released a set with Canadian brand MAC Cosmetics, that is only available here in the Great White North. It’s rare that something comes out just for us! When I saw the set, I could see myself using every single product in it. The set itself is $65, but the value is $141.

I love MAC lipsticks, but I had never tried anything else from them. Sets are an awesome way to try a bunch of different products for a good price. I was really excited to try a few more things.

Here’s what is in the set:

Lustre Lipstick in Patisserie

This shade is a sheer, creamy neutral pink that is perfect for everyday wear. I don’t usually go this basic with lipsticks, but I love having a colour like this around. I prefer to wear it over a nude lip liner.

Eye Kohl Pencil in Teddy

Teddy is described as an intense bronze eyeliner. I don’t even feel like I’m being hyperbolic in saying this is the best eyeliner I’ve ever tried. It makes me wonder if I’ve only ever tried bad eyeliners before? It’s so creamy, but long-lasting. The colour is so stunning. This is my favourite item in the box, and I didn’t really expect it to be.

Sheertone Powder Blush in Blushbaby

This is a cool-toned beige-pink blush. It’s a really nice colour that I think would work well on a variety of skin tones. It’s buildable, but it doesn’t go on too strong right off the hop. I enjoy this product a lot.

Eyeshadow in Woodwinked

Woodwinked is a warm antique gold shadow. If I HAD to say there was a disappointing product in this set, I think this might be it. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it and I’m going to get a lot of use out of it, but compared to everything else I find this just a touch lackluster. I just wish it was a little had a little more impact. It’s great for all over the lid.

Eyeshadow in Tete-a-Tint

This eyeshadow is a peachy soft neutral that is the perfect transition shadow. I was pretty impressed with how pigmented this shadow is. I really didn’t think it would make much of an impact.

In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara

I knew I was going to love this mascara. It has the plastic bristled brush that I gravitate towards, and it’s touted as a lengthening mascara. I love the look it gives me eyelashes. It comes off easily at the end of the night, but doesn’t transfer during the day.

April & May Empties

April & May Empties

Another few months have come and gone, and so have a few products. I’m actively trying to finish things before purchasing new ones. It’s easier for me to use up skincare products rather than makeup products. With skincare, I don’t feel the need to have […]