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Why I’m Excited for Matt James to be The Bachelor

Why I’m Excited for Matt James to be The Bachelor

The Bachelor has named their new lead, even though Clare Crawley‘s season of The Bachelorette hasn’t even been filmed yet. In an unprecedented move, ABC has announced that a Black man, Matt James, will be their new Bachelor. He may seem familiar, even if he […]

What I’ve been watching this week – May 29

What I’ve been watching this week – May 29

The Challenge Not only have we been watching this current season of The Challenge, but we have been going back and watching some older seasons in our boredom. Ethan has shown some interest in the show during his first season of viewing. I asked on […]

What I’ve been watching lately – March 27

What I’ve been watching lately – March 27

Top Chef

Top Chef is BACK and I could not be more excited. It’s honestly the thing I look most forward to each week. I am really excited about it being an all-stars season, and I think the cast for this season is really excellent. Two episodes in, and the season is living up to the hype I placed on it.

Check out the Top Chef RHAP Up Podcast here.

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Miss Congeniality

I got to pick the movies we watched last weekend and I picked this and Legally Blonde, two movies I remember loving but hadn’t seen in ages.

I truly can’t remember the last time I had seen Miss Congeniality before this. I’d say probably 10-15 years? It was a movie I watched on repeat when I was younger. For a while this was the only movie I had on DVD.

I think I actually like it even more now than I did then. The movie holds up pretty well, considering it came out in the early aughts. There was a lot of jokes that I didn’t get then that I do now.

I’ve been begging Ethan to watch it again.

Legally Blonde

I also still love Legally Blonde. There are many things that do not hold up super well in this movie. It’s still a pretty fun and sweet movie.

Shanghai Noon

This was Ethan’s movie pick that I begrudgingly watched. It was a fine action movie with some comedic aspects, but as I expected this movie was really for me.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is what has been keeping us going during our isolation. We have many episodes of the DVR and we have been barreling through them. I love this show. It is funny and fun and light and wonderful and informative. We have picked up some great tips from watching The Kitchen.

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Ranking the Seasons of Top Chef

Ranking the Seasons of Top Chef

With a new season of Top Chef around the corner – an All-Star season at that – it seemed like the perfect time to do my personal rankings of Top Chef. I am not a Day 1 Top Chef fan. Hell, I’m not even a […]

What I’ve been watching lately – March 12

What I’ve been watching lately – March 12

Reality of Love I got asked to be a guest on the Hallmarkies podcast to talk about the movie ‘Reality of Love’ which was originally released as ‘I Want to Marry Ryan Banks’ in 2004. I don’t watch many made for tv movies. Hell, I […]

What I’ve been watching this week

What I’ve been watching this week

Nailed It

After watching all of the holiday episodes of Nailed It, I couldn’t stop and am now devouring the regular episodes of the show. It makes me laugh so hard. I love that no one takes it too seriously, which is absolutely the case with many baking shows.

The Circle

Sure, I started watching because everyone else was going to watch it. But now I can’t wait for the next set of episodes to drop.

In The Circle, a group of strangers, who don’t actually know what the other players in the game look or sound like, because they are all living separately and only communicate through The Circle. I was skeptical at first, but now I’m all in. Sure, a few things feel a little clunky and awkward but I think they’ll be able to work out the kinks.

Listen to me talk about the first two episodes of The Circle here.

The Bachelor

It’s back baby!!!

I’ve had a couple months to think about it, and while I was initially kind of disappointed that Peter was named The Bachelor, I am pretty sold on it now. I think he will be honest, emotional, and fun. Which is all I really want from a Bachelor. I also think the cast of women is pretty solid too. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious villains or weirdos – at least not yet.

I actually liked this premiere. It was daunting that it was 3 hours, but I liked that we got started on the first week during the premiere. It kept things moving nicely.

Listen to our preview podcast here and subscribe for Bachelor podcasts all season long!

Ranking the Cast Members of  Vanderpump Rules

Ranking the Cast Members of Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules is returning to our televisions and hearts come January 7. As someone who has watched the previous 7 seasons very recently, I felt that made me the perfect person to judge fairly and unbiasedly rank the cast members. 1. Ariana Yes, Ariana can […]

What I’ve been watching this week – December 17

What I’ve been watching this week – December 17

We are in the throes of December, which means a very holiday/wintery version of What I’ve been watching this week!! Elf Elf is my all-time favourite movie. Sorry! That’s just the way it is!! In my heyday I would watch it 3 or 4 times […]

What I’ve been watching this week – December 10th

What I’ve been watching this week – December 10th

America’s Next Top Model

Sorry, I am in a full-blown ANTM spiral. I’d like to thank the YouTube channel Top Model Channel for this. This week they posted the marathons of Cycles 15 and 16.

I had seen cycle 15 before, but I think maybe only once as it was airing. There were a few people I remembered, but a majority of the cast felt new to me. It really felt like Ann was pegged to win from the beginning. She had the ‘best photo’ 5 weeks in a row. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with all of those best photos. I felt like Chelsey was an overall stronger model than Ann. She’s definitely not the worst winner in the franchise. It was a fun watch, but not one of my top seasons.

Cycle 16 was completely new to me. I knew who won, and I knew there was some drama with Alexandria, but that was about it. I really liked this season. I thought it was a really strong cast. I thought Brittani as the winner was a good choice, her photos were very strong all along the way.

This is definitely when the show started spiraling into madness. It’s always shown hints of craziness, but boy they made some ~choices~ here. They start the season off with telling the final 14 that they are the ones that are cut. Everyone cries. The other girls are ecstatic. Tyra tells them that JK they actually made it! I actually like seeing the casting process, and felt we were kind of robbed of it. Also, I read that the other girls that ‘made it’ were NOT actors, and presumably had their dreams crushed moments after their excitement. That’s pretty trash!! Also, inexplicably they cut both finalists’ hair right before the last panel? For what reason?????????????????????????????????

Anyway, I had a pretty good time watching these two seasons that weren’t in my heavy rotation. Cycle 6 remains the best season.

What I’ve been watching this week – December 3

What I’ve been watching this week – December 3

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK I finally got around to watching the finale of Drag Race UK. I thought it was a great finale, and I thought the winner was very deserving of the title. I thought both queens in the final two could have easily […]