The Dining Room

When looking for a house, we really wanted one with a decent-sized dining room, and we were pretty excited when we saw the size of this room in the house we bought.

When we finally moved in, we were pretty surprised at how big the dining room was. On our first viewing, we remembered it being a fair size, but not huge. Probably because there was a treadmill and a very large dog cage in the room at the time, but to each their own.

Lighting Fixture

The colour the room was painted wasn’t really our taste. We went for a light gray that matched the grey of the hallways, upstairs and downstairs. I like this colour because it really brightens the space, and I feel like the decor pieces I choose can be any colour.

We swapped out the lighting fixture for a much more modern one that we got at Canadian Tire.

Table, Chairs, Similar Granite Slab, Similar Candle Holders

For the table, we chose the Stornas table from Ikea. We loved the colour of the table, and we wanted a longer table that filled the long space well. It is also extendable which was a big selling feature for us.

The chairs are the Westman Dining chairs from Wayfair. This style of chair is pretty trendy right now, so you can find them pretty well anywhere.

The granite slab was a Christmas gift from my mother. We went to a local counter place and got them to cut and finish a spare piece of granite they had. This is a perfect centrepiece for us. It’s also great to put hot dishes on without ruining your table.

Cabinet, Bar Cart, Poster, Similar Wine Rack

We needed a place to display Ethan’s mug collection, but I really wanted them to be in a cupboard of some sort so they didn’t get as dusty. This cabinet was perfect, because it had the glass upper part, so you display things, but also has a lower part where you can hide things before guests come over. AND we got it on super sale.

The bar cart is from Ikea, and is a pretty handy product you could use for anything. Ethan got me this wine rack for Christmas a couple years ago. He sanded it down and painted it white.

We’re really happy with how the dining room turned out. It’s the perfect place to host dinners. It’s exactly the space we were looking for.

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