The Fence Jump Seen Around the World

We’ve been waiting for months. MONTHS I TELL YOU. We’ve all been patiently tuning in every single Monday to watch Colton Underwood jump a fence like it’s one of his childhood buddies in a game of schoolyard leap frog. We’ve been mercilessly teased for weeks by the producers that maybe this would be the week with the jump. The anticipation of the jump even lead to huge ratings.

Well folks, we’ve finally seen the jump.

So why did he jump? Well, him and Cassie had an odd date. It was supposed to be great and romantic. It wasn’t until Colton mentioned to Cassie that he didn’t receive her father’s blessing during the hometowns did things really start to fall apart. Cassie had a bit of a freak out.

Which wasn’t particularly surprising. It’s been clear for weeks that Cassie was into Colton but not THAT into Colton. Weird, it’s almost as if some of the other women had mentioned that. Anyway.

Cassie’s dad shows up in Portugal to talk to her. He believes that she will know if Colton is the one and that she’s not ready to be engaged to him. She says she is confused. Girl, aren’t we all.

She arrives to the night portion of their date ready to break up with him because she doesn’t know why okay???? She said she doesn’t know how she’ll know but she thinks she’ll know when she knows because her mom and dad did know. Are you still following? I’m not sure I am.

Anyway, Colton basically tells Cassie not to leave and that she is the one he is going to pick and that he’s in love with her and please don’t leave. He reinforces that it’s okay if she’s not totally sure, and it’s not necessary to have a proposal at the end if she isn’t ready for that, he just wants to be with her!!

After some back and forth Cassie does leave (for good? I doubt it but we will see next week.) Colton goes up to his room and then leaves and then he jumps the fence. Everyone chases after him but he is nowhere to be found.

This reaction proves to me that Colton just isn’t ready for this. It’s not a particularly mature reaction, and this would be a huge red flag to me. Colton desperately wants to be ready for this. He’s put a lot of pressure on himself to enter into the most perfect relationship. Sorry dude, that doesn’t exist. The whole focus on his virginity is weird and unsettling, and we wouldn’t be doing this if we had a virgin Bachelorette. And it’s just added more pressure to this insane situation. I get why Colton reacted the way he did. Colton just has a lot of growing up to do, and I don’t think he realizes that.

It doesn’t even seem like any of the women are ready for this either, except Tayshia. Which is fine! You don’t have to be ready! Everyone can chill! They’re all so young. They don’t need to get married tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the finale because I really have no idea what is going to happen. Becca’s finale felt like a shoe-in, and the events of Arie’s finale was basically laid out for us weeks before it even happened. So I am happy that I truly have no idea how this is going to play out.

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