The Kitchen

We bought a house in August. It was in good shape, and there was nothing really crazy we needed to do to it to make it livable. It was mostly painting, and basic cosmetic things. The one room we did the most work to was the kitchen.

We went back and forth over whether or not we should even redo the kitchen at all. As I’m sure you may have gathered, we ended up sprucing up the room a bit. We figured we might as well take the opportunity before moving in to do the kitchen, because it would only be more difficult while living there.

Here is the before and after:

As you can see here, the kitchen wasn’t that bad. It was not 100% our taste, but we were not offended by it, you know? We assessed the kitchen. We thought, let’s get rid of the counter. The backsplash was coming apart too so that’s coming down, and the cupboards had been painted in two different colours and finishes of white so we needed to do that too. The cabinets were in good shape, so there was no need to replace them. That meant we were able to keep costs decently low. Also, we don’t LOVE the flooring, but we agreed that was a task for another year.

I will say a lot of what went on in the kitchen was Ethan’s idea, but we were able to compromise on some things and agree with the changes and we’re both super happy with the final product.

I really love dark cabinets, and I wanted to go with a deep navy and Ethan prefers things a little lighter. Ethan had the idea to just do both. I think it turned out really nicely, and gives our kitchen a unique twist, especially since the rest of it is pretty basic-bitch-pinterest (that’s just who we are, okay?) The hardware was in the middle of the cabinet, which we didn’t love, so Ethan filled the holes and we added new hardware.

We loved the look of a butcher block, especially with the colour scheme we chose. We got our counter top from Ikea, and Ethan and a friend installed it. The sink was all my idea. I’ve been obsessed with farmhouse sinks for a long time, and I was so excited to finally get one. We also got it from Ikea. Ethan had to cut out a bit of the cabinet door underneath for it to fit. Ethan liked the look of these pull down taps, so that’s what we got.

We both loved the look of white subway tiles for the backsplash. It’s simplistic, yet modern and elegant. It also really brightens up the kitchen. We went with a dark grey grout because I was worried that anything splashing up on it would stain a lighter colour.

Our house didn’t come with one, so our housewarming gift from both of our parents was a dishwasher. I’m so glad we have it .

Sink, Tap, Similarish Wooden Wine holder, Similar Soap Dispenser, Similarish Urn, Similar Jars, Mugs, Cookbook, Cookbook stand, Google Home

The microwave stand was here when we got here, so we kept it. It goes well with the kitchen and it’s useful. The wood paneling came with the house, and it is continued throughout the rest of the house, as you’ll see later on. We painted the one plain wall a light grey, like the rest of the lower floor. I’m still looking for a piece of art to hang above the microwave. I think I want some sort of food print.

Similar Clock, Similar Microwave Stand, Soda Stream

All in all, we are super happy with how the kitchen turned out. It took us a bit longer than we would have liked to get everything together, but it was a good test in patience I guess. I love our new kitchen!

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