What I’ve been making lately – April 15

Souped Up Trader Joe’s Miso Ramen Soup

Whenever I make the trek to Trader Joe’s, I pick up a couple of these soups. I love them for lunch. I was a little hungrier this day, so I add some more ramen noodles, frozen corn, and sauteed shrimp. Really delicious!!

Cavatappi with Homemade Meatballs

We had some meatballs that we had previously made in our freezer. For some reason we had only 5 meatballs in this particular meatball pack, so we each had two and a half meatballs. We just had jarred sauce. That’s just what we do, okay?

Pulled Turkey Tacos

I broke out the trusty slow cooker for the turkey. I threw in two turkey breasts with half a packet of taco seasoning with about a cup of vegetable stock along with a big of onion and garlic. After a couple of hours in there we pulled it and topped the tacos with the usual stuff.

Edible Cookie Dough

I love eating cookie dough. It’s just so good. I like it better than cookies. Ethan always yells at me when I eat it though because it’s ‘unhealthy’. Whatever.

I was craving cookie dough. I found this recipe and made it. I added sprinkles to bring a little bit of joy into our lives. It was delicious. Would recommend. I told some people about it and they all made it and loved it too. It was a great dessert that lasted a couple days.

Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli

This was a great ‘well, what do we have that we can throw together?’ kind of meal. We used a jarred alfredo sauce, we thinned it out a bit with pasta water, and threw in some more garlic and a bit of lemon. The chicken is grilled chicken we bought in bulk from Costco a while ago (it’s really tasty, would buy again), and we steamed some frozen broccoli to mix in. To top it, we grated some parm and added a few chili flakes. For how simple this was, it was really tasty and I can’t wait to have this again.

Caesar Salad (sort of?)

So, we saw this ‘eggless’ Caesar recipe (it uses mayo instead) on an episode of The Kitchen. We were looking forward to it because we had pretty much everything we needed. Except dijon mustard. We substituted it with regular yellow mustard, and it’s possible that this was what threw it all off. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice salad dressing, it just wasn’t particularly Caesary.

Home-fried Chicken Sandwich

Ethan was very inspired to make fried chicken sandwiches. I’m always afraid of frying things, but Ethan is pretty good with it. To coat the chicken, we did the egg dip thing, and used my favourite coating, fish crisp. You can find fish crisp pretty much anywhere and it’s great for coating everything.

Tortilla Soup

Once again I pulled out my trusty copy of the Joy of Cooking for the tortilla soup. It was a nice easy recipe that made for a delicious lunch. We topped ours with some baked tortilla strips, a dollop of plain greek yogurt, and some lime.

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If you want to hear more about food, check out the Top Chef RHAP Up podcast.

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