What I’ve Been Making Lately – September 9

Mini M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies

I couldn’t resist picking up some mini m&m’s at the bulk food store, and thought that cookies would be the best vehicle for them. I used the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the Joy of Cooking. I replaced half of the chocolate chips called for with the m&m’s.

Blackened Fish + Chicken and Roasted Corn Salad

I used a blackening seasoning to coat fish, shrimp, and chicken, and cooked them in a hot pan. The chicken I then transferred to the oven to cooking. I used fresh, local sweet corn and brushed it with olive oil before roasting it on our burner. I threw that on a salad with blistered cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, and jalapenos with a homemade honey mustard vinaigrette.

Homemade Bolognese

Our neighbour gave us some tomatoes from their garden and we thought we’d make a big ole batch of tomato sauce with them. We made a very large pot, we didn’t really follow a recipe, just our hearts. We did add a lot of garlic. We were able to bag a bunch of it for the freezer. For this dinner, we used some triple mix and cooked it in the sauce for a quick bolognese.

Coffee-rubbed Steaks, Roasted Corn, and Baked Potatoes

I also got some coffee rub while at the bulk food store, and we thought it would be perfect for a couple of steaks. I’m not alone in loving a baked potato with steak. Usually I’m lazy and make the microwaved version, but I went all out for these ones, including some chives from our garden.

Cacio e Pepe(ish)

If you’ve been reading these posts for any considerable amount of time, you’ll know that I break out this recipe often. It’s easy and always delicious. For this iteration, I threw in a little cream to round it out a bit more.

French Onion Soup

I can’t take a whole lot of credit for this. I got the soup from my favourite local soup place in a freezer sale. We broke it out for lunch one day with our own homemade croutons from hot dog buns that were on the verge of going bad. I then topped it with three kinds of cheese. Man, I love french onion soup.

The Home Cook’s take on Boston Pizza’s Royal Hawaiian Pizza

This is one of my favourite pizza from the Canadian chain restaurant, Boston Pizza. So, I tried to recreate it! For the base, I used sweet chili sauce. Then I topped it with cheese, pineapple, red onion, and prosciutto. I thought it turned out really well, and I’ll definitely make it again.

Chocolately Brownies

I needed a way to use up the aforementioned m&m’s, so onto brownies they went! I used the fudgey brownie recipe from The Joy of Cooking. These were some of the best brownies I’ve ever had.

Zucchini Bread

I bought zucchini on a whim at the local farmer’s market and into a baked good it went! Again, I used the recipe from The Joy of Cooking (seriously, it’s the best. Buy it now from your local book store.) I added chocolate chips, of course.

The ‘I Tried’ Cake

I think that maybe cakes and cupcakes just aren’t my thing. I tried to make a cake for a friend’s birthday. Every funfetti cake recipe I saw were for absolute behemoths of cakes. I don’t have the bake ware or patience for that kind of thing. I found this recipe for a small batch cake. Please note that the mediocrity of this cake is solely on my shoulders and not on this recipe.

Mushroom Soup

I made this soup based on the recipe from Cravings, but I do like to add a little milk or cream to it to create the texture I want in a mushroom soup.

Blueberry Mojito

There’s nothing like ending the summer with a good drink in hand. I made this mojito this week to enjoy in the sun. Check out the recipe here!

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