What I’ve been watching lately – March 27

Top Chef

Top Chef is BACK and I could not be more excited. It’s honestly the thing I look most forward to each week. I am really excited about it being an all-stars season, and I think the cast for this season is really excellent. Two episodes in, and the season is living up to the hype I placed on it.

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Miss Congeniality

I got to pick the movies we watched last weekend and I picked this and Legally Blonde, two movies I remember loving but hadn’t seen in ages.

I truly can’t remember the last time I had seen Miss Congeniality before this. I’d say probably 10-15 years? It was a movie I watched on repeat when I was younger. For a while this was the only movie I had on DVD.

I think I actually like it even more now than I did then. The movie holds up pretty well, considering it came out in the early aughts. There was a lot of jokes that I didn’t get then that I do now.

I’ve been begging Ethan to watch it again.

Legally Blonde

I also still love Legally Blonde. There are many things that do not hold up super well in this movie. It’s still a pretty fun and sweet movie.

Shanghai Noon

This was Ethan’s movie pick that I begrudgingly watched. It was a fine action movie with some comedic aspects, but as I expected this movie was really for me.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is what has been keeping us going during our isolation. We have many episodes of the DVR and we have been barreling through them. I love this show. It is funny and fun and light and wonderful and informative. We have picked up some great tips from watching The Kitchen.

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