What I’ve been watching this week – October 15

Hello, and welcome back to the things I have been watching! This is what I have been watching this week.

Survivor – I don’t think I am not alone in that I went into this season with very low expectations. Everyone seems pretty down on it and not overly excited for this cast and premise. I’m glad Survivor has said ‘lol F u’ to us as an audience, because 3 episodes in and I am really enjoying it. This week was particularly fun, even though it seemed like off the jump, that Jeremy could be headed home, it was still a fun path to that result. Sorry, spoiler alert I guess.

Teen Mom – I haven’t watched Teen Mom in a looong time. Probably since I was a teen myself. I have kept up with the women from afar – mostly in Cosmopolitan recaps and texts from my friend Jessica. I was brought back in because I really like Cheyenne, one of the new cast members. She was one of my favourites from her stint on Are You the One and The Challenge, so I wanted to watch it. It’s a good show to have on in the background. It’s amazing to see how much the women and the show has evolved. I love their use of breaking the fourth wall and talking to producers, and being meta by talking about the show.

Are You the One – Speaking of – this show is so dumb, yet I love it so much. I’m not going to lie, this has probably been my least favourite season so far. The fate button has changed the game for the worst, and I’m just not clicking with the cast. But a bad season of this, is still more interesting than a great season of Game of Thrones. (I am kidding. Probably.  I don’t know, I’ve never seen it and I NEVER WILLLLLLLLLLLLL.) Anyway, it’s still appointment viewing for me.

Samantha Ravndahl – Testing out new products – So it’s a YouTube video and not a tv show, I don’t care, I still watched it. Sam has been making my favourite beauty videos for years. Her looks are stunning, and her videos are funny, yet informative. Thanks to her, I kind of can use gel and liquid eyeliner.

Greg Davies on the Graham Norton Show – Do you like watching Ryan Gosling giggle uncontrollably while a very tall man tells a story about accidentally wearing his mom’s underwear to work? Well than this is the clip for you.

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