What I’ve been watching this week – April 17

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart

So like, I was always probably going to watch this. But now I have nothing better to do than to watch LTYH. In an inexplicable move, The Bachelor created a show just for people that are looking for the spotlight. Which is something it seems like they’ve been trying to avoid? Regardless, it is here, and it’s…not that bad?

I don’t know, maybe I’m desperate, but I kind of had a good time watching this. I think the cast is pretty good and we are going to get a lot from them. They are also genuinely talented!!

In the first episode, it’s set up more like Bachelor in Paradise. There is an uneven number of men and women and the women give out roses at the end and there are some dates during the week.

Honestly, I think it’s a fun show and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Listen to The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart recap on Rob Has a Podcast.

Taskmaster Hometasking

The creator of my favourite show (Taskmaster, please watch it if you haven’t yet) has been making up tasks for people to do at home. They then send them in and they are put together in some very hilarious compilations. There are about 9 videos now, and they make for a fun watch weekly or all together in one shot. You can find all of the Hometasking videos here on the Taskmaster YouTube page.

Vanderpump Rules

Man this season has been something, hasn’t it? It just doesn’t feel VPRish. Sure, everyone is as terrible as usual, but it just doesn’t feel as horrifically charming as it used to.

This latest episode just felt so set up. And like, I get that these types of shows always have some sort of ‘set up’ element to them. It just feels like they think we’re dumb and actually buying into things like Brittany working at SUR again, and that anyone would trust Tom Schwartz with documentation of any kind.

Just Married

This was Ethan’s movie pick this week. He thought I would like it because it was a romcom. I didn’t like and he didn’t like it as much as he remembered.

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